Wednesday, November 10, 2010

By the way, it's freezing up here

This week has been pretty interesting. We've had lots of success, in finding new investigators, though some of them will take a little work to get them to baptism. As well, we've had some great experiences with some of our investigators. Some of them are prepared for baptism but just a few hold ups. Michelle Aguilera was going to be baptized this coming saturday, but she says she wants to do it with her daughter, Kiana, who is 11. Kiana interestingly enough says she wants to do some more searching before she makes the jump into baptism. I've never heard a more mature response from an 11 year old. We asked them to read and pray every day to know the Book of Mormon is true. We are praying that she will recieve an answer in the next few weeks.
We've been going on a lot of exchanges with elders in the zone this past week. I got to go with Elder Costa, who is from Brazil. From his own mouth, he is the most american brazilian anyone would ever meet. You has no accent and has perfect english. We had a lot of things in common and we got to teach a whole bunch of appointments that night. As well, we are going on another exchange tomorrow, and i get to speak spanish for a day. Our zone is half english, half spanish speaking missionaries.
By the way, it's freezing up here. It's currently snowing, and it's all going to be downhill from here. I just have to hold out for *count on fingers* 5 months... WOOOO!! I'm so excited. We do have a car though, which is a huge plus. Last winter we walked everywhere in that mess.
Our P-day sport is now dodgeball!  We all end up super sore by the end of it. it's the best.
Con Amor,
Elder Wright

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