Monday, August 8, 2011

Part of me wants to stay the other part of me is exhausted

My last message home,
SOOOOOO, this is my last week in field. It has flown by so fast. Part of me wants to stay. There is still too much to learn, and I feel like I have only tapped into the experience and knowledge that I could have obtained. On the other hand, the other part of me is exhausted and is ready to depart this life. The mission really is like a miniature life. We are born as new missionaries. We have just a short opportunity to learn and grow from our experiences. There are ups and downs, but through it all we come out refined and sanctified through Jesus Christ. We get old and soon we pass on to the next life. The whole purpose of life is to prepare to meet God, and we cannot waste away our time idle, or just plain apathetic. What we make of ourselves will determine our rewards later in life. I pray and hope that I will be able to continue onward in my 'next' life to continue to progress in this Gospel that Christ has given me.
I love you all,
Elder Wright
p.s. I found this quote by elder holland, it is my new favorite : 'no misfortune is so bad that whining about it won’t make it worse.'

Monday, August 1, 2011

If you forget for a second that it's a crawdad, it actually teasted pretty good

Hey everyone,

Life is good 'round here. It wont stop raining. We ran out of miles on our car for the month of july so we had to walk in it last night. We've also been riding our bikes all over when the weather is decent. We were biking a few nights ago, and a less-active family fed us crawdads (sp?) and watched us break them open and eat them. Then they gave us a whole bag to take home. If you forget for a second that it's a crawdad, it actually teasted pretty good. like lobster. But... I couldnt forget that it was a crawdad...

I went downtown this past week with all the departing missionaries. They all were going home the next day, but i still had two weeks. They were all done and checked out mentally, but i kept thinking about the next two weeks in the field. It was a great experience to go through the salt lake temple. We spent some time downtown, and then went back to the mission office for a lunch with the mission president. Afterwards everyone else was taking off to go with family and stuff but i just went backto work.

We had transfers, We gained a third companion Elder Wilson. He has been out just as long as Elder Cartwright. He is way excited to work and have success. He's a little distracted at times, but the three of us are working kearns hard.

Much love,
Elder WRight

Monday, July 25, 2011

We have been majorly blessed recently with people to teach

hey everyone,

Our success is still picking up. We have been majorly blessed recently with people to teach and we are receiving more member support at our lessons. there is lots of potential here in our area, it just needs to be worked hard, and we cant lose faith. A couple of our investigators are really close to getting married but they are just having trouble taking that first step. We did service for a family, and mowed their lawn in our proslyting clothes.

We went up to Park City last P-Day and took the chair lift up to the mountain. We ran out of time to do more stuff though. it's just too far away. Pioneer day is crazy up here. People wouldnt stop lighting off fireworks last night. It's supposed to continue tonight! wooppie!

anyway, I dont have much else. I have been reading through the war chapters recently in the book of mormon. alma 43ish to 60ish, and it is cool to notice that success comes when the inner vessel is cleansed first. Our inner vessels need to be cleansed first before we are to have success on the outward results. it applies to everyones situations differently, but pure motices and desires bring the greatest success and happiness.

Elder Wright

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

our favorite taco stand, IT WAS GONE!! devestating, i know.

hey everyone,
We are chugging right along. Not much new happening. I'm trying not to think about home too much but it's tough. Staying focused is our biggest struggle. and staying awake. The one thing i am looking forward to when i get home is NAPS! i just want to sleep i'm so tired! We have been finding some new investigators recently, some more interested than others. There is a 10 year old boy that was taught in another area that wanted to come to church, but he cant focus for more than 30 minutes before he wants to go skateboarding. Trying to tell him in the middle of church that there wasnt a skate park in the area seemed to destroy his world. We're trying to work on getting his mom to church next. Also we picked up another couple that want to get baptized, but they have to get married first, (he has to get divorced from his ex before that). They are willing and have good support at church.
On monday we decided to go to lunch at our favorite taco stand, but when we got there IT WAS GONE!! devestating, i know. so we went to another one that we had never been to before, and got some tacos. While we were there, a family motioned for us to come and talk to them in their car. They said they had just moved from california, and wanted to join the church. It was amazing! People are prepared. They dont live in our area but the missionaries who are teaching them now say they are on track for baptism. And then, yesterday, we saw our favorite taco stand back in it's original spot. If we would have gone there, we never would have been put in the path of that family. The Lord works in mysterious ways to guide us. even if he has to move taco stands to do it.
I love the Lord
Elder Wright

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I think i played volleyball the entire time

Merry Independence Day,

We had a good fourth of july activity. I think i played volleyball the entire time. Anyway, i'm way outta time this week.
Life goes on, read your SCRIPS
Elder Wright

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

There is a prevailing theme that I have never noticed before

Not much new this week. We seem to be finding new people to teach all over the place, but most of them tell us up front that they wont join the church. We teach them a few lessons to see if we can build any desire but some of them just want to shoot the breeze. We are trying to focus our efforts more on our purpose of baptism, but the people we teach are just non-commital.
During my personal studies I have been reading through the Book of Mormon, and I just finished the book of Mosiah. There is a prevailing theme that I have never noticed before. It had to do with the deliverance of the people of Nephi from the Lamanites. The people had to do certain things to recieve freedom. A lot of times we teach people that they need to be free from bondage, whether from addiction, or from lifestyles, financial situations, spiritual deadness, etc... The equation to recvieve that freedom from bondage, is *ahem*
(trust the Lord [FAITH]) + (serve Him with all diligence of mind) + (humble yourself before the lord) + (cry mightily unto Him) + (submit cheerfully and with patience to the will of the Lord) = DELIVERANCE FROM BONDAGE.
 I have been applying this to our area, as it needs to be delivered from it's unfruitfulness. We have been praying recently a lot harder for success, and the people seem to just flow to us. Faith really works.
love you,
Elder Wright

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

we've been pulling weeds like crazy


Summer is here. It's getting hot. We've been loaded up with service lately too. Elder Cartwright is turning black from the sun. We helped tear up a kitchen floor the other day, and we've been pulling weeds like crazy. We've also been biking quite a bit for exercise to get elder carwright awake in the mornings. He likes it better than running which is good, but i cant let him coast too much.

As far as the work goes, we had a really good week last week, and we were able to meet with our investigators several times, this week has had cancellation after no-show after cancellation. It's getting old. We push through it though, we try to meet as often as possible, daily, but we seem to just be catching people once a week at best. We are working with an awesome family who just moved in to one of the wards. Their names are stephanie and Justin Bloxham, and they have been really open and good to teach. Stephanie is a member already, but Justin has grown up here in utah, and has been surrounded by members all his life, but he is just now taking steps to be more involved in religion. They've slacked a bit on reading scriptures, but they are taking it more seriously now.


Alma 5:14 have ye received the image of God in your countenances?

elder wright

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's like it's own little world out here.

hey all,
Not much new happening here. We had transfers today, but both Elder Carwright and I will be staying here in kearns. By the end of this transfer I will have been here for 10 1/2 months!!! It's like it's own little world out here. We picked up a new investigator! His name is William Tyrie. He just got out of prison.He was there for 7 years, and now he's on parole until 2038... He cant get baptized until he's off that, but in the meantime, we want to help him understand the scriptures more and to pray. He really wants to make amends and repair the damage he had done in the past. He has been coming to church for 2 months now, so we just need to keep that up for the next 30 years or so...

I also had some exchanges to go on. I sent Elder Cartwright to another area and I got to work with Elder Huber for a day. We had a lot of success and we are starting to see the area turn around. When Elder Cartwright came back, I think his eyes were opened a bit to missionary work, and he has set some new goals to improve and become more actively involved in our area. Exchanges sometimes work in ways that I never would have expected. We are still working with 4 investigators that need to get married... It's coming slowly, but we expect at least one or two weddings shortly. We've had 2 or 3 days this week where we have been double booked for dinner appointments. I'm pretty used to it by now, but elder cartwright has been suffering. My motto: DONT STOP!

Life is good. the Gospel is true. Repent. Dont justify sins. 2 Nephi 28:7-9

Love ya,

Elder Wright

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

packed 200 missionaries into the train

Hey everybody,

We had a pretty awesome weekend! First, on friday, President Miller took the whole mission downtown to the tabernacle, and we were able to see the Messiah in America performance. The tabernacle was really really loud. Holy cow. they had a huge choir, a full orchestra, and the massive tabernacle organ. I had never been in the tabernacle before, and i was surprised at how small it was on the inside. I think it's because i compare it to the conference center. The whole mission took the trax down there at different times, but on the way back, we all loaded onto one train, and packed 200 missionaries into the train.
Then, on Saturday, we had the baptism for Sarah Schiermeyer at noon, which went smoothly. Her fiance (now husband) baptized her, and then later that afternoon, the bishop married them! They are now preparing to go to the temple. They both worked really hard and sacrificed a lot to make it all happen.

Now here in the area we are working with a few new investigators, but we may or may not see aother baptism here in teh month of june. we'll see


Elder Wright

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It rained

Hey dudes,
It rained. It rained some more. If it's sunny, it rains the next day. We're getting a bike for Elder Cartwright this week so hopefully the rain stops. His birthday was on Sunday, so we celebrated with brownies and ice cream. We're trying to keep momentum going. He is trying to find more ways to improve and he is putting more effort in his teaching.

We have the baptism for Sarah Schiermeyer this weekend. Her fiance, Dallin recieved the priesthood this sunday so everything is set for the baptism, and then the wedding afterwards. She and all of our other investigators seem to be out of town. It's been tough with cancelled appointments, but we look for more people to teach in that time.

Love you,

Elder Wright

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We have too much food, I guess we should be grateful


This week was a little bit of a bummer. We had A LOT of cancellations. We were also planning on a baptism tomorrow, but our investigator wants to hold off for a while. i've been trying to build Elder Cartwright's spirits. I thought it would be his first baptism, but he may have to wait one more week. Hopefully this next week will be better. We may have to enlist the wards for more support in helping to teach our investigators.
We have too much food. the fridge is always overflowing with leftovers from dinner appointments. I think because missionaries leave utah, and dont get fed very well, all the members assume that we dont get fed well either. Result: Stuff the missionaries. And if you dont eat all the food, then the members think you didnt like their food. I guess we should be grateful. Food is better than no food.

D&C 6:34, 36

Elder Wright

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

we honestly had no idea what else to do

Not much new happened this week, We have been looking for new people to teach. Some of the ones we have been working with have been reluctant to move forward. One of them though, Sarah Schiermeyer, has been one that has worked really hard to get baptized. She has quit drinking and smoking, which has been tough for her and her fiance, Dallin. We reminded them last week that they also needed to get married before they could get baptized because they were living in the same home. They were more reluctant to do that, but we asked to them to pray and fast about it on Sunday, and then to talk to bishop about it after church. We fasted and prayed for them too. We stopped by monday and they said they are getting married on the 4th of June and that they wanted to do the baptism the same day! It was awesome. She will be out of town the next few weeks to be living the law of chasity, and then she will get back on June 3rd. It was awesome news for us because we honestly had no idea what else to do. My testimony was built in diligence, that if you do everything you can in your power, God will prepare a way for his will to be accomplished.
1 nephi 3:7 Moroni 7:33-34
Elder Wright

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life is good, I'm tired all the time, It feels great!

Hey everyone,
We had an excellent week. It was good to call home on Sunday. My last call home. Uh oh. I am staying focused on our area. President Miller was inspired when he put Elder Cartwright and me together. I thought being released from zone leader would give me more time, but we are even busier now with new missionary things and training again. Elder Cartwright has been learning quick, and looks for areas to improve. He is working on memorizing parts of our lessons, and he is doing well with it. The new missionaries that came in have been on a pilot program at the MTC so the mission is working out the kinks in training them once they've arrived. They gave us another hour of companionship study in the mornings!! It was definitely needed, so we can catch up on all the material and prepare for lessons. We've been working really hard and staying busy. I can tell elder Cartwright is starting to lag a bit in the evenings and in the mornings but I keep pushing him. I think over time he'll get used to the schedule. We have been exercising like crazy in the mornings to get our energy up during the day. We play basketball with some of the other elders almost every morning.
As for our investigators and the work in our area, we have several of our investigators on date for baptism, and they are all planning on getting married before then. It's a tough situation for most of them, and it's really difficult to teach and help them to develop the faith to take the leap. I havent had to work with this many situations in the past, and definitely as a new missionary, so I think elder cartwright will be well prepared for the rest of his mission. We are working to build the relationship of trust with our wards too, and we are running from building to building on Sundays. This last week we made it to 6 wards, gave mothers day talks at one ward, and taught an elders quorum in another. If anything, we learn to wing it and go on the fly. I know we should probably be prepared for lessons and things, but i had no idea what we were teaching when we walked into the elders quorum. woops. But it all turned out well. It's also odd as a missionary to give talks on mothers day. Even that was a little on the fly. It turned out okay though.
We started up having dinner appointments again, and already our fridge is getting overloaded with leftovers. Elder Cartwright is getting used to having food shoved down his throat at dinner time too. I prepare by eating a small lunch. D&C 38:30 'if you are prepared, you shall not fear' We try to work it all off at exercise in the morning.
Anyway, Life is good, I'm tired all the time, It feels great!

Elder Wright
ps. ether 12:4
pps. we got the truck traded for a malibu...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This transfer is going to be FUN!

Hey everyone!
We had a pretty awesome week. We were teaching Jacoby Baker, and he was baptized on saturday. His family was totally digging deep into the gospel and into the scriptures. Jacoby just one day got up in sacrament meeting, and bore his testimony and told everyone that he wants to get baptized. 3 weeks later, he was entering the water. Their family will be so blessed and they are on track and working towards the temple.
As for transfers, I am no longer zone leader. I am DISTRICT LEADER again!!! I'm also TRAINING again!!! I'm in the same area, and my new missionary companion is Elder Cartwright. He is from Piqua, Ohio. He's pretty quiet, but I think he's just a little shellshocked. He came out of the MTC this morning and we were put together at around noon. We've been together for a whle 2 hours now. My son. In my district, there are two of my previous companions, elder neilson, and elder huber. This transfer is going to be FUN! We're going to work hard too, dont worry too much.
This week we had an awesome lesson with Sarah Schiermeyer and her fiance, Dallin Larkin. We watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. It was a good reminder for me of the sacrifice that the prophet made for the Gospel to brought back to the earth. It inspired me to continue to make sacrifice in my own life, to give back to the Lord. Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.
Love you all,
Elder Wright

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It still snows at least once a week

Hello everyone!

Not much new and exciting up here. I attached the pictures from the baptisms that happened two weeks ago for angelique and for nick. It still snows at least once a week. We had a service project painting the outside of a house and it started dumping snow on us. We decided to wait it out inside with hot chocolate until it passed. about 30 minutes later it was bright and sunny again. If we just make it to june we can be free of the snow! Our work has been going well. we may have one or two baptisms this weekend. Other than that we have been chugging along. We have been trying to find more investigators after we have had these baptisms. This week we found out that a recently activated member had a daughter that moved back from texas and we started teaching her. She had originally said that she didnt want to learn just yet, but we had dinner with the family, and at the end of the visit she just said, 'ok, i'll let you do your job, teach me what you believe." She is pretty committed to learning more and she is taking her scripture reading seriously so far.

anyway, that's all i've got time for this week, love you all, Alma 41:10

Elder Wright

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hey everyone,
sorry i didnt send an email last week. I ran out of time and not much happened anyway. It was aout 70-80 degrees for a few days, but then we had a three day snow storm to follow it. That was fun. That's about all that happened last week. This week though, we had TWO BAPTISMS! Angelique Talamontez (Jones)(11 years old) was baptized in the morning on saturday, and Nick Thatcher (10 years old) was baptized in the afternoon. They both asked me to perform the baptism, which was a really cool. Angelique's family has all been coming back to church on their own and Angelique told her mom she wanted to be baptized. Nick's family is coming back to the church slowly, and we are working with his parents on the Word of Wisdom. My pants didnt have enough time to dry in between so they were still wet for the second one. woops.
I would send the pictures but the computer isnt working right now so i'll send them next week.
The work has been chugging along here, but now that we've had several baptisms, we are focusing on finding new investigators in our area. It takes a lot of prayer and faith, not to mention lots of work but it comes slowly. I've been trying to read through Jesus the Christ lately, and it has been really really rewarding. My goal is to have it finished by the end of my mission. (i'm about 1/3 through so far)
anyway, got to go get some shopping done,
love you all,
Elder Wright

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's a good thing i'm a missionary. I dont have to worry about THAT stuff

Hey everyone,
Elder Dunlap and I had a pretty good week. It was a little slow, but we had some really awesome stuff happen. Raymundo Jalapa was baptized, and he told us the following day 'i'm a mormon now.' He has a firm drive to continue to do what is right throughout his life. Now he is looking for work and possible schooling around here for as long as he is in the states.

It was warm most of the week, almost 80 degrees, but then, saturday night, it dumped about 6 inches of snow on us, and it's been cold ever since. We just cant get a break. We had a good conference weekend. There seemed to be a lot of messages about marriage... It's a good thing i'm a missionary. I dont have to worry about THAT stuff. I especially liked the priesthood session. We were able to attend the saturday afternoon session of conference, and we sat on the front right side, where all the general authorities walk in and out. I'm looking forward to next conference already.
Anyway, life is good up here, we have loads of work and we are keeping the zone moving.
keep the faith

Elder Wright

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We invited both of them to quit smoking, and they dropped it the next day

Elder Dunlap and I have been tearing it up here in Kearns. He has been in the spanish assignment his whole mission, so he is getting used to teaching english, and dealing with the problems that come in the english assignement. We have had lots of really great lessons with our investigators and the all seem to be getting ready for baptism really quick. Raymundo Jalapa will be having his baptism this saturday right after general conference. He will be such a strong convert. We have several others investigators that are working really hard for it. We picked up Sarah Schiermeyer, who has had a really tough past, but is getting married to a less-active member of the church. We invited both of them to quit smoking, and they dropped it the next day. They have been a little bit on edge during our visits since then, but they say it's been getting easier. He's working for the priesthood now, and then he will perform the baptism! It's exciting.
Both Elder Dunlap and I will be attending the sunday afternoon session of general conference this weekend. I'm always way excited for conference and to listen to the prophets message. It'll be my last one in the field. But, we can start working without our suit coats after its over!!! Freedom!!
love you all,
Elder Wright

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So we had transfers!!

Hey everyone,
So we had transfers!! Elder Usevitch finally got out of Kearns! I stayed here and my new companion is Elder Dunlap, from Sitka Alaska. We've been together for an hour and a half now... Havent gotten to know him too well yet, but it'll come eventually. Elder Usevitch and I have had a lot of success.this past week, in teaching and finding. We have been relying on the Spirit during our lessons. The work is definitely picking up in our area, and we are trying to inspire the district leaders to be diligent in their areas too. You know you're busy when dinner is a back-up plan. anyway, i'm not too good at this email thing, or at this sending pictures thing, but they'll come eventually.
Elder Wright

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

6 months in this area has gone really quick

Hey everyone,
We've had a pretty crazy week. We picked up a couple new investigators. We started teaching Raymundo Jalapa, from Culiacan, Mexico. His wife is an active member and they are going to church and reading/studying the scriptures for an hour each day. They are on tourist visas getting some medical stuff worked out at the university, so they have nothing to do all day. They spend a lot of it reading and studying the assignments we leave them, so it all works out. We also started teaching a man named Rodrigo Paloma, who has lived in utah his whole life, but hasnt had much to do with the church at all. (that's pretty hard to do, the LDS church here is like the catholic church to Italy). He's had a pretty rough past with drugs and the law, but he's willing to learn. He has NO knowledge of religion whatsoever, so we're teaching him slowly.
other than that, we also got yelled at by Sedrick yesterday for visiting too often. He wasnt in a good mood. So he just vented on us for about 20 minutes. we'll give him a couple days to smooth things over. transfers are in a week, so it will be interesting to see if I or Elder Usevitch goes, or if we get to stay together for ANOTHER 6 WEEKS!!! We need a change of scenery. the 6 months in this area has gone really quick though. The whole winter...
anyway, read the book of mormon. it'll do wonders
Elder Wright

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

but i can understand enough to know what's going on

Elder usevitch and I are rocking it here in Kearns. We have picked up several new investigators, and several of them are working towards baptisimal dates. Some people have been prepared for the Gospel, and they are ready to be baptized. Payton Warden has been coming to church for several years with a family. She was ready to be baptized last year but she backed out because of her family. She said she wants to go for it again, and we can really tell that she wants it. We also ran into a man, Sedrick, who almost died a few months ago, and promised God that he would go to church if he lived through it all. There are so many people that are ready but just need a little push. We are still working to get the ward mission process going. We will have president bishop, from the mission presidency come and train all the ward mission leaders on ward missionary work in the next few weeks. Hopefully we can get things rolling smoothly.
We had brother Allen, who is the managing director of the missionary department come and train us on the work this last week. We have a lot of work to do to become better 'preach my gospel' missionaries. I also got to go on exchange into a spanish area last week. My spanish still isnt good enough to carry on any conversation whatsoever, but i can understand enough to know what's going on. We have lots of stuff to do now with the missionaries in our zone. Our head is above water for now, but we have lots of challenges to tackle.
transfers are coming up in two weeks, we are sure (pretty sure) one of us will be transferred but it's a toss up who it will be. We are also looking forward to General Conference. It's always the best to hear from the Prophet and the Apostles.
2 Nephi 31 the Doctrine of Christ. It works.
Love you all everyone,
Elder Wright

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring is almost here!

Hey everyone,
This year is flying by! Spring is almost here! I'm excited to be able to work without a suit coat, and to be able to count on the sun to be out all the time. Things in Kearns are chugging along. We have some really slow moving investigators, and some others that are on the fast track. One less active sister named Paige Jones decided to come back to church, and she is bringing her daughter to church too. We started teaching them and they have been reading all the scriptures we leave with them and have been praying everyday and even go the extra mile and study even more. We are grateful for those investiagors. Her daughter, Angelique, is working to be baptized on april 9th. Others though, like Kim Maschi, has trouble accepting that there is only one true religion. They are all good, and she feels like she has a good relationship with God. We tried to nail home priesthood authority and praying about the book of mormon, but it isnt sinking in too well. All in all, we are kept busy, but it seems there arent many fruits coming from our labors. It'll come in time.
We got up at 4 this morning to go to the temple, and then we played ultimate frisbee today for Pday and we are both totally wasted. Well, it's time to go to work,
Also, informational statistic: one of our wards that suffers for attendance, has over 70 elders on their role, with an average attendance of 6 each week. It blew our minds. We suspect that in the next few years that stake will be dissolved if nothing changes soon. also, one of our appartment complexes had a shooting the other night. It's crazy stuff.
Elder Wright

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My hair hasn't been this short since I was a baby

hey everyone,
The month has been flying by, it's already halfway through february! We had two baptisms this last weekend for two little girls, smantha, and samasia corro. Their father was less active, but came to us and told us he wanted to come back to church and get his girls involved in church again. They were way funny and the girls soaked up everything we taught, and carlos would spend his free time reading the gospel principles book. i dont have much more time, but i do have pictures! I have gotten a pretty decent haircut since my last pictures. My hair hasnt been this short since i was a baby. It's easier to manage though.
explanation of pictures
1) District leader council, I was focused
2) ritchie ramirez and family (he was trying to get work off on sundays but it was tough for him. he ended up getting fired, but he fasted this last weekend and got a new job monday morning, better pay and no work on sundays)
3) Bro hallowell and his son donovan
4) Samantha and samasia corro, and their family
elder wright

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

They are SOOOOO close and they dont even know it

Hi everyone,
We've had a pretty busy week again. We had transfers, and we were sure that Elder Usevitch or I would be transferred but we are both still here in Kearns. By they end of this transfer we will have been together for 6 months! It's a long time for an area, let alone a companion. We have spent a lot of good time together so we are used to eachother by now.
There were some less active families that we have been working with that have taken some steps back towards coming to church. The Hollowells have been coming out regularly for several months, and Donovan, their 8 year old son, was baptized this last weekend. We were also working with the Watkins family, and trying to help darlene watkins (who is also 8) learn more so she could be ready for baptism this last weekend too. There was also a baptism back in daybreak for two boys who had been wanting to get baptized, but waiting for their dad to get ready to do it for them. Their dad finally got prepared and had a really cool baptism with a whole bunch of missionaries who had taught them.
We had a couple of appointments with Jaime Fitzgerald and her family and they are SOOOOO close and they dont even know it. They told us they would give up alcohol, and that they would start coming to church. The big obstacle now is coffee, but once they are over that they will be good to go. We gave her a baptisimal date for the 26th of march to work for. It's a little shakey, but with a couple reminders it will be a sure thing.
anyway, i got to go, check this out
Elder Wright

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

He likes to walk REALLY fast

Hi everyone,
We've had a pretty interesting week. Halfway through, president miller assigned us to go on a 3-4 day exchange with another companionship in another area. It was a little different being in a new area, for just a few days, but we kept really busy. It was a one stake area. without a car, so i was on foot again. I was with Elder Catterson, and he likes to walk REALLY fast. my feet were killing me. I cant really remember what happened before the exchange, but the rest of the week flew by pretty quick. they are pretty busy in that stake, which makes the time fly by. I think what helps them to be so busy is how great the leadership in that stake is. The people were on fire to do missionary work.
This week, it seems the theme of what i've learned and what i've been teaching has been the Atonement of Christ. One can really gain a knowledge and appreciation for the atonement, by bearing testimony of it. Simply, Jesus Christ will take upon himself the penalty of our mistakes, if we follow His example and his gospel. If we do, he will have mercy upon us so that we might be able to live with our Him, our Heavenly Father, and our families. It makes me happy to know that Jesus Chirst loved us so much to sacrifice himself for us.
Alma 34
Elder Wright

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We have had some great teaching experiences

We have been having lots of great experiences this week, coupled with a few not so fun ones. Some of our investigators have taken off, and we havent been able to contact them. For the ones that have stuck around we have had some great teaching experiences. One family, the fitzgeralds have been coming along REALLY slowly for thepast few months. We have really great weeks with them, followed by really down weeks. We were asked to lay off for a while, so we have been just dropping by occasionally. We found out that the family knows little to nothing about Jesus Christ, so we decided to leave them a Finding Faith in Christ DVD to watch on their own time. Sister Fitzgerald watched it and texted us (we can text now!) and said she really really liked the movie and that she wanted to come to church on sunday! That was huge news because she told us before that she wouldnt go without her husband, and he simply said he wouldnt go. The family has such great potential to make it to the temple. If they just buckle down and start coming to church, they could start working towards the temple! They are so awesome!
The rest of the week has been a little slow but we've been very grateful for some new investigators. We also had 2 6 hour long leadership trainings (guh) but we learned a bunch of stuff on the apostosy.
Elder Wright

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Elder L Tom Perry came and spoke to us

Hey everyone,
Can you believe it's already 2011?! We had a great new years activity as a mission. Elder L Tom Perry came and spoke to us for a bit, and then after he left we had a fun time with some movies, basketball, volleyball, pizza... When we drove home it was something like 6 degrees outside. We spent some time scraping the ice off the inside of our windshield. I am reminded each winter of how much I dont love the cold. Only a few more months of winter! It also snowed on us pretty bad this week. We've been shoveling lots of snow and pushing tons of cars to get them unstuck. I think i'm getting used to the numbness in my toes all the time.
Besides the cold the work has been going alright. We are keeping really busy but we havent had a whole lot of outward results. We have a lot of investigators that are trying to quite smoking right now, which has been tough. Some really want to quit, and others are a little half-hearted. We're helping them the best we can, its just slow...
anyway, i'm outta time
Church is true
go to the new
Elder Wright

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We'll both be here in kearns through january 2011!!!

We had a great christmas in the field! We all went to the mission office for christmas eve, and the stakes in the valley had all provided gifts for the missionaries. I came away with 10 new pairs of socks!!! And 1 new tie! I never thought i'd ever get excited about a tie, but mission throws a different light on christmas. We also got overloaded on chocolate and candy. On christmas day we visited a whole bunch of families all over the valley from areas we had served in before. Elder usevitch and I sang some quick christmas hymns and shared a christmas message and went to the next one. It was a really fun busy day.
The rest of our week was awesome too. The day after christmas, one of our investigators, Ritchie Ramirez, was baptized. We had been working with him and his family for a little over a month. It was a little slow at first, but after a couple of visits he really started digging in and reading the scriptures. After one visit he had read the enitre 89th section of the doctrine and covenants without us asking. His wife asked us a week before the baptism how long it would take him to recieve the priesthood. They are a super cool family and his testimony is so strong and has lots of room to grow.
Neither Elder Usevitch or I were transferred so we'll both be here in kearns through january 2011!!!
Happy new year
Elder Wright

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas,

By the time you get this it's probably way past Christmas.  I hope it all went well and you got some time to take a break and relax a bit.  I got the slippers and pajamas today.  My multiple sets of pjs never fail to amaze my companions.  I also got the massive green shirt signed by the ward.  Tell them all thank you for me.  I'm especially looking forward to opening the package from the youn men.  Who knows what will be in that one...
This Christmas season has been flying by pretty quickly.  We've been pretty packed with appointments day and night.  We haven't had much time to relax much.  Food even sometimes gets left by the wayside.  A couple of nights ago, dinner consisted of dry Apple Jacks, Doritos, and  Oreos as we drove from appointment to appointment.  I think we need to take some time to catch up to ourselves.  Christmas will be good for us.  We had our Christmas Conference last weekend.  Elder Holland came and spoke to us for a bit which was awesome.  There were also a whole bunch of musical pieces.  Elder Usevitch & I sang 'Samuel tells of the Baby Jesus' from the primary songbook.  It was a little nerve racking in front of the whole mission, but we had a good pianist, which is all that really matters.  It sounded alright, but we could have worked on it a little more. 
Christmas this year will be a little different.  Most people that we visit struggle to put many presents, if any, under the tree.  We visit some families that don't have much in the first place, and any gifts the do receive they are so much more grateful for.  It is a lesson to me that Christmas isn't in the giftss and presents, it is in the gratitude for what we have.  Especially the gift that we have been given of God's son for us.  It is  through the gift of Jesus Christ that we can return to Him.  It is by faith in Jesus Christ that we accept the gift.  And by giving and sharing it with others we can share the greatest of all the gifts of God to all who will receive it.  This is my Christmas message.  Have a Merry One!

Elder Wright
2 Nephi 19:6
D&C 14:7

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We dropped by unannounced the other night

Hey everyone,
We were kept super busy this week. We had appointments back to back every single evening. Not to say everyone showed up for the appointment, but we were going nonstop the entire time. We have been meeting with a tongan family that rcently moved into the ward, the Tahes. They said they want to start working towards going to the temple. We found out the last time that brother Tahe had spent some time in prison (We're meeting lots of those lately) and he was supposed to be there for 120 days. He said he started reading the Book of Mormon his first day, and finished it on his 21st day, and the following day, they lifted his sentence and he was released. Their entire family is starting to take the gospel more seriously. We dropped by unannounced the other night and found them having their nightly scripture study. It totally makes the difference in the Spirit that was in their home. The ward is really starting to help out. too. Some of our other contacts have been taking a little longer. to accept the things we teach, but we are starting to see progress slowly.

I have come to realize that God gives us commandments for a reason. How important it is for us to understand that because they are there, we should obey them. It is simple. They arent just guidelines to live by, but commandments. When we obey we can receive Gods blessings. By disobedience we suffer the consequence of our actions. I hope that each and every day each of you take those simple steps of repentance that help us become more obedient, and more like our Heavenly Father.
Mosiah 2: 41
Alma 34: 32-33

Take Love, Merry Christmas,
Elder Wright

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He knows first hand the difference between good and evil


Well We havent had a whole lot new this week. The weather has been warming up a bit, but that just means we get to wait for it to get cold again. The snow shoveling season will start up again.

President Miller came out to teach with us last week. He taught us some approaches to teaching more simply. he also helped us with one of the families that we've been struggling to work with. They arent being totally unified in the going to church and reading scriptures. It's been teaching Elder Usevitch and I a lot about the importance of unity.

We had a dinner appointment with a recently activated member, who was so awesome! He had spent some time in prison, and decided to turn his life around. He started reactivating his brother's family, and his nephews received he aaronic priesthood. He knows first hand the difference between good and evil, and is making sure all his family is making right choices. Sometimes, the humble people are the most ready, but at the same time, we've met a lot of people that are bitter at the church because of their circumstances.

we found an indoor soccer place and we were able to use it for P-Day. my companion likes tripping over the soccer ball. I forgot how awful i am at soccer. i like the dodgeball thing more.

anyway, Unity it's important

Mosiah 18:21
Elder Wright

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

we just have to bear with patience a bit, then suddenly a miracle hits

Hello everyone,

This week was awesome! We've had some crazy snowstorms this week, we had at least a foot of snow on Sunday. We've been trudging around in it all week and we are pushing people out of the snow every day. We're both starting to get a handle on driving in the snow too. We had thanksgiving dinner over at one of our bishop's house. We didnt overeat like we did last year. Not nearly as much pie. We also had a baptism for Koki Pace on Sunday. It was really a white baptism with the snow falling and everything outside. The entire baptismal service was in marshallese, so we had no idea what was really being said in the talks. The Pace family is slowly making it's way to the temple. We're going to try and help them out as much as possible. They say they are going to be opening a marshallese branch in the valley sometime soon too! Anyway, we see a little bit of everything here in Kearns. We ran into a guy named Leslie Whithers last week who was baptized in Kansas a couple of months ago, and he has a burning testimony of the gospel. He came back to utah when he realized he needed to help his family out, and we're helping him get to know the ward here a little better. he also has an unbaptized son who is 10 who we will probably start teaching here soon too. President Miller came out to teach with us last night, which was really cool, and we got some pointers on how to improve our teaching.

We've had lots of experiences lately, some up, some down. It seems that whenever we hit a low point, we just have to bear with patience a bit, then suddenly a miracle hits, and we can keep going. We are picking up several new investigators, and a lot of them are really interested and ready for baptism already. A few others have some challenges to overcome, but I've never been so aware of the Spirit and how it affects people. I've felt that when I first came to this area I was struggling to get to know the people and get down to work, but Elder Usevitch has kept me going strong, and I now I love this area. Nothing compares to seeing our investigators understand the principles of the Gospel and feel the spirit. It really does change people. 2 Nephi 32:5

Love ya much,
Elder Wright

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It was EPIC!


Things up here have been chugging along as usual. We've had some pretty crazy snow storms up here this last week. Last night they shut down the whole valley because of a blizzard warning. The mission grounded all the cars, so we were on foot for the storm. It was EPIC! On the bright side, everyone was home. We've had a really early winter, and the temperature is dropping into the teens in the evenings. Thanksgiving is supposed to be in the single digits. Hopefully it warms up a bit before christmas or it'll be one long winter. We also had a zone conference at the mission office and we were instructed mostly on improving our teaching skills. Elder Usevitch and I have set some goals to improve our teaching appointments. We've found some of our wards have some pretty old families that seem to have lived there since the beginning of time. One ward has a family that spans 4 generations all in the same neighborhood. We've been trying to teach our investigators more simply and clearly, and some are progressing quick, but others are taking their time. One member family, the Hallowells, that we've been working with had been struggling to come to church, but they've been recently activated and we saw brother Hallowell get ordained to a priest on Sunday, which was really awesome. Some of the fruits of our labor arent in baptisms.

I've been digging down deeper into the scriptures lately. It opens up so much more if you go into the scripture study with the intent of finding something that you didnt have before. Instead of just reading, i've been trying to seek out the hidden treasures. They come, but not without work. D&C 88:118

Elder Wright

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We've been exhausted EVERYWHERE we go

Hey all,
We've had a bunch of awesome things happen up here this week. We had transfers, both Elder Usevitch and I are staying here in Kearns. We had to organize a lot of the transfers this time, because the mission is making some changes in how transfers are done. It pretty much ended in us driving elders around all morning. We have some great new elders and one new sister in our zone. Two of the district leaders are brand new, so we will have some leadership training to do. Other than that we are looking forward to another great trasfer in Kearns
We've been exhausted EVERYWHERE we go. Sometimes Elder Usevitch and I are a little slap happy and we just laugh when things dont go as planned. It all works out in the end. We have a couple investigators on date, but some of them we are working with have slowed down a little bit and want some more time to take it all in. One couple we've been working with are golden. Ritchie and Julie Ramirez and their 4 year old son Mason. Julie is a member and has been coming to church pretty actively for about a year, and now we started teaching Ritchie, who is not a member. He said he would be baptized, but he cant get sundays off work yet, so we're helping him along until that happens.
We were raking our land lords yard for service yesterday and everytime we got it somewhat clean all the leaves from the tree/roof/yard-down-the-street blew back onto it. We just laughed and did the best we could. I'm glad we're raking leaves and not shoveling snow. We've also been doing a whole lot of exchanges with Zone members, helping them out with all their work and all. Other than all that, missionary life goes on as usual. We had our usual zone dodge ball activety this P-day again. We all end up too sore afterward but it's all worth it.
Gospel's true. Dont let other people decide for you. Choose yourself.
Elder Wright

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

By the way, it's freezing up here

This week has been pretty interesting. We've had lots of success, in finding new investigators, though some of them will take a little work to get them to baptism. As well, we've had some great experiences with some of our investigators. Some of them are prepared for baptism but just a few hold ups. Michelle Aguilera was going to be baptized this coming saturday, but she says she wants to do it with her daughter, Kiana, who is 11. Kiana interestingly enough says she wants to do some more searching before she makes the jump into baptism. I've never heard a more mature response from an 11 year old. We asked them to read and pray every day to know the Book of Mormon is true. We are praying that she will recieve an answer in the next few weeks.
We've been going on a lot of exchanges with elders in the zone this past week. I got to go with Elder Costa, who is from Brazil. From his own mouth, he is the most american brazilian anyone would ever meet. You has no accent and has perfect english. We had a lot of things in common and we got to teach a whole bunch of appointments that night. As well, we are going on another exchange tomorrow, and i get to speak spanish for a day. Our zone is half english, half spanish speaking missionaries.
By the way, it's freezing up here. It's currently snowing, and it's all going to be downhill from here. I just have to hold out for *count on fingers* 5 months... WOOOO!! I'm so excited. We do have a car though, which is a huge plus. Last winter we walked everywhere in that mess.
Our P-day sport is now dodgeball!  We all end up super sore by the end of it. it's the best.
Con Amor,
Elder Wright