Wednesday, March 16, 2011

6 months in this area has gone really quick

Hey everyone,
We've had a pretty crazy week. We picked up a couple new investigators. We started teaching Raymundo Jalapa, from Culiacan, Mexico. His wife is an active member and they are going to church and reading/studying the scriptures for an hour each day. They are on tourist visas getting some medical stuff worked out at the university, so they have nothing to do all day. They spend a lot of it reading and studying the assignments we leave them, so it all works out. We also started teaching a man named Rodrigo Paloma, who has lived in utah his whole life, but hasnt had much to do with the church at all. (that's pretty hard to do, the LDS church here is like the catholic church to Italy). He's had a pretty rough past with drugs and the law, but he's willing to learn. He has NO knowledge of religion whatsoever, so we're teaching him slowly.
other than that, we also got yelled at by Sedrick yesterday for visiting too often. He wasnt in a good mood. So he just vented on us for about 20 minutes. we'll give him a couple days to smooth things over. transfers are in a week, so it will be interesting to see if I or Elder Usevitch goes, or if we get to stay together for ANOTHER 6 WEEKS!!! We need a change of scenery. the 6 months in this area has gone really quick though. The whole winter...
anyway, read the book of mormon. it'll do wonders
Elder Wright

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