Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring is almost here!

Hey everyone,
This year is flying by! Spring is almost here! I'm excited to be able to work without a suit coat, and to be able to count on the sun to be out all the time. Things in Kearns are chugging along. We have some really slow moving investigators, and some others that are on the fast track. One less active sister named Paige Jones decided to come back to church, and she is bringing her daughter to church too. We started teaching them and they have been reading all the scriptures we leave with them and have been praying everyday and even go the extra mile and study even more. We are grateful for those investiagors. Her daughter, Angelique, is working to be baptized on april 9th. Others though, like Kim Maschi, has trouble accepting that there is only one true religion. They are all good, and she feels like she has a good relationship with God. We tried to nail home priesthood authority and praying about the book of mormon, but it isnt sinking in too well. All in all, we are kept busy, but it seems there arent many fruits coming from our labors. It'll come in time.
We got up at 4 this morning to go to the temple, and then we played ultimate frisbee today for Pday and we are both totally wasted. Well, it's time to go to work,
Also, informational statistic: one of our wards that suffers for attendance, has over 70 elders on their role, with an average attendance of 6 each week. It blew our minds. We suspect that in the next few years that stake will be dissolved if nothing changes soon. also, one of our appartment complexes had a shooting the other night. It's crazy stuff.
Elder Wright

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