Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My hair hasn't been this short since I was a baby

hey everyone,
The month has been flying by, it's already halfway through february! We had two baptisms this last weekend for two little girls, smantha, and samasia corro. Their father was less active, but came to us and told us he wanted to come back to church and get his girls involved in church again. They were way funny and the girls soaked up everything we taught, and carlos would spend his free time reading the gospel principles book. i dont have much more time, but i do have pictures! I have gotten a pretty decent haircut since my last pictures. My hair hasnt been this short since i was a baby. It's easier to manage though.
explanation of pictures
1) District leader council, I was focused
2) ritchie ramirez and family (he was trying to get work off on sundays but it was tough for him. he ended up getting fired, but he fasted this last weekend and got a new job monday morning, better pay and no work on sundays)
3) Bro hallowell and his son donovan
4) Samantha and samasia corro, and their family
elder wright

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