Wednesday, February 9, 2011

They are SOOOOO close and they dont even know it

Hi everyone,
We've had a pretty busy week again. We had transfers, and we were sure that Elder Usevitch or I would be transferred but we are both still here in Kearns. By they end of this transfer we will have been together for 6 months! It's a long time for an area, let alone a companion. We have spent a lot of good time together so we are used to eachother by now.
There were some less active families that we have been working with that have taken some steps back towards coming to church. The Hollowells have been coming out regularly for several months, and Donovan, their 8 year old son, was baptized this last weekend. We were also working with the Watkins family, and trying to help darlene watkins (who is also 8) learn more so she could be ready for baptism this last weekend too. There was also a baptism back in daybreak for two boys who had been wanting to get baptized, but waiting for their dad to get ready to do it for them. Their dad finally got prepared and had a really cool baptism with a whole bunch of missionaries who had taught them.
We had a couple of appointments with Jaime Fitzgerald and her family and they are SOOOOO close and they dont even know it. They told us they would give up alcohol, and that they would start coming to church. The big obstacle now is coffee, but once they are over that they will be good to go. We gave her a baptisimal date for the 26th of march to work for. It's a little shakey, but with a couple reminders it will be a sure thing.
anyway, i got to go, check this out
Elder Wright

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