Wednesday, January 19, 2011

He likes to walk REALLY fast

Hi everyone,
We've had a pretty interesting week. Halfway through, president miller assigned us to go on a 3-4 day exchange with another companionship in another area. It was a little different being in a new area, for just a few days, but we kept really busy. It was a one stake area. without a car, so i was on foot again. I was with Elder Catterson, and he likes to walk REALLY fast. my feet were killing me. I cant really remember what happened before the exchange, but the rest of the week flew by pretty quick. they are pretty busy in that stake, which makes the time fly by. I think what helps them to be so busy is how great the leadership in that stake is. The people were on fire to do missionary work.
This week, it seems the theme of what i've learned and what i've been teaching has been the Atonement of Christ. One can really gain a knowledge and appreciation for the atonement, by bearing testimony of it. Simply, Jesus Christ will take upon himself the penalty of our mistakes, if we follow His example and his gospel. If we do, he will have mercy upon us so that we might be able to live with our Him, our Heavenly Father, and our families. It makes me happy to know that Jesus Chirst loved us so much to sacrifice himself for us.
Alma 34
Elder Wright

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