Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We have had some great teaching experiences

We have been having lots of great experiences this week, coupled with a few not so fun ones. Some of our investigators have taken off, and we havent been able to contact them. For the ones that have stuck around we have had some great teaching experiences. One family, the fitzgeralds have been coming along REALLY slowly for thepast few months. We have really great weeks with them, followed by really down weeks. We were asked to lay off for a while, so we have been just dropping by occasionally. We found out that the family knows little to nothing about Jesus Christ, so we decided to leave them a Finding Faith in Christ DVD to watch on their own time. Sister Fitzgerald watched it and texted us (we can text now!) and said she really really liked the movie and that she wanted to come to church on sunday! That was huge news because she told us before that she wouldnt go without her husband, and he simply said he wouldnt go. The family has such great potential to make it to the temple. If they just buckle down and start coming to church, they could start working towards the temple! They are so awesome!
The rest of the week has been a little slow but we've been very grateful for some new investigators. We also had 2 6 hour long leadership trainings (guh) but we learned a bunch of stuff on the apostosy.
Elder Wright

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