Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Elder L Tom Perry came and spoke to us

Hey everyone,
Can you believe it's already 2011?! We had a great new years activity as a mission. Elder L Tom Perry came and spoke to us for a bit, and then after he left we had a fun time with some movies, basketball, volleyball, pizza... When we drove home it was something like 6 degrees outside. We spent some time scraping the ice off the inside of our windshield. I am reminded each winter of how much I dont love the cold. Only a few more months of winter! It also snowed on us pretty bad this week. We've been shoveling lots of snow and pushing tons of cars to get them unstuck. I think i'm getting used to the numbness in my toes all the time.
Besides the cold the work has been going alright. We are keeping really busy but we havent had a whole lot of outward results. We have a lot of investigators that are trying to quite smoking right now, which has been tough. Some really want to quit, and others are a little half-hearted. We're helping them the best we can, its just slow...
anyway, i'm outta time
Church is true
go to the new
Elder Wright

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