Wednesday, March 9, 2011

but i can understand enough to know what's going on

Elder usevitch and I are rocking it here in Kearns. We have picked up several new investigators, and several of them are working towards baptisimal dates. Some people have been prepared for the Gospel, and they are ready to be baptized. Payton Warden has been coming to church for several years with a family. She was ready to be baptized last year but she backed out because of her family. She said she wants to go for it again, and we can really tell that she wants it. We also ran into a man, Sedrick, who almost died a few months ago, and promised God that he would go to church if he lived through it all. There are so many people that are ready but just need a little push. We are still working to get the ward mission process going. We will have president bishop, from the mission presidency come and train all the ward mission leaders on ward missionary work in the next few weeks. Hopefully we can get things rolling smoothly.
We had brother Allen, who is the managing director of the missionary department come and train us on the work this last week. We have a lot of work to do to become better 'preach my gospel' missionaries. I also got to go on exchange into a spanish area last week. My spanish still isnt good enough to carry on any conversation whatsoever, but i can understand enough to know what's going on. We have lots of stuff to do now with the missionaries in our zone. Our head is above water for now, but we have lots of challenges to tackle.
transfers are coming up in two weeks, we are sure (pretty sure) one of us will be transferred but it's a toss up who it will be. We are also looking forward to General Conference. It's always the best to hear from the Prophet and the Apostles.
2 Nephi 31 the Doctrine of Christ. It works.
Love you all everyone,
Elder Wright

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