Wednesday, May 18, 2011

we honestly had no idea what else to do

Not much new happened this week, We have been looking for new people to teach. Some of the ones we have been working with have been reluctant to move forward. One of them though, Sarah Schiermeyer, has been one that has worked really hard to get baptized. She has quit drinking and smoking, which has been tough for her and her fiance, Dallin. We reminded them last week that they also needed to get married before they could get baptized because they were living in the same home. They were more reluctant to do that, but we asked to them to pray and fast about it on Sunday, and then to talk to bishop about it after church. We fasted and prayed for them too. We stopped by monday and they said they are getting married on the 4th of June and that they wanted to do the baptism the same day! It was awesome. She will be out of town the next few weeks to be living the law of chasity, and then she will get back on June 3rd. It was awesome news for us because we honestly had no idea what else to do. My testimony was built in diligence, that if you do everything you can in your power, God will prepare a way for his will to be accomplished.
1 nephi 3:7 Moroni 7:33-34
Elder Wright

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