Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life is good, I'm tired all the time, It feels great!

Hey everyone,
We had an excellent week. It was good to call home on Sunday. My last call home. Uh oh. I am staying focused on our area. President Miller was inspired when he put Elder Cartwright and me together. I thought being released from zone leader would give me more time, but we are even busier now with new missionary things and training again. Elder Cartwright has been learning quick, and looks for areas to improve. He is working on memorizing parts of our lessons, and he is doing well with it. The new missionaries that came in have been on a pilot program at the MTC so the mission is working out the kinks in training them once they've arrived. They gave us another hour of companionship study in the mornings!! It was definitely needed, so we can catch up on all the material and prepare for lessons. We've been working really hard and staying busy. I can tell elder Cartwright is starting to lag a bit in the evenings and in the mornings but I keep pushing him. I think over time he'll get used to the schedule. We have been exercising like crazy in the mornings to get our energy up during the day. We play basketball with some of the other elders almost every morning.
As for our investigators and the work in our area, we have several of our investigators on date for baptism, and they are all planning on getting married before then. It's a tough situation for most of them, and it's really difficult to teach and help them to develop the faith to take the leap. I havent had to work with this many situations in the past, and definitely as a new missionary, so I think elder cartwright will be well prepared for the rest of his mission. We are working to build the relationship of trust with our wards too, and we are running from building to building on Sundays. This last week we made it to 6 wards, gave mothers day talks at one ward, and taught an elders quorum in another. If anything, we learn to wing it and go on the fly. I know we should probably be prepared for lessons and things, but i had no idea what we were teaching when we walked into the elders quorum. woops. But it all turned out well. It's also odd as a missionary to give talks on mothers day. Even that was a little on the fly. It turned out okay though.
We started up having dinner appointments again, and already our fridge is getting overloaded with leftovers. Elder Cartwright is getting used to having food shoved down his throat at dinner time too. I prepare by eating a small lunch. D&C 38:30 'if you are prepared, you shall not fear' We try to work it all off at exercise in the morning.
Anyway, Life is good, I'm tired all the time, It feels great!

Elder Wright
ps. ether 12:4
pps. we got the truck traded for a malibu...

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