Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas,

By the time you get this it's probably way past Christmas.  I hope it all went well and you got some time to take a break and relax a bit.  I got the slippers and pajamas today.  My multiple sets of pjs never fail to amaze my companions.  I also got the massive green shirt signed by the ward.  Tell them all thank you for me.  I'm especially looking forward to opening the package from the youn men.  Who knows what will be in that one...
This Christmas season has been flying by pretty quickly.  We've been pretty packed with appointments day and night.  We haven't had much time to relax much.  Food even sometimes gets left by the wayside.  A couple of nights ago, dinner consisted of dry Apple Jacks, Doritos, and  Oreos as we drove from appointment to appointment.  I think we need to take some time to catch up to ourselves.  Christmas will be good for us.  We had our Christmas Conference last weekend.  Elder Holland came and spoke to us for a bit which was awesome.  There were also a whole bunch of musical pieces.  Elder Usevitch & I sang 'Samuel tells of the Baby Jesus' from the primary songbook.  It was a little nerve racking in front of the whole mission, but we had a good pianist, which is all that really matters.  It sounded alright, but we could have worked on it a little more. 
Christmas this year will be a little different.  Most people that we visit struggle to put many presents, if any, under the tree.  We visit some families that don't have much in the first place, and any gifts the do receive they are so much more grateful for.  It is a lesson to me that Christmas isn't in the giftss and presents, it is in the gratitude for what we have.  Especially the gift that we have been given of God's son for us.  It is  through the gift of Jesus Christ that we can return to Him.  It is by faith in Jesus Christ that we accept the gift.  And by giving and sharing it with others we can share the greatest of all the gifts of God to all who will receive it.  This is my Christmas message.  Have a Merry One!

Elder Wright
2 Nephi 19:6
D&C 14:7

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