Wednesday, June 8, 2011

packed 200 missionaries into the train

Hey everybody,

We had a pretty awesome weekend! First, on friday, President Miller took the whole mission downtown to the tabernacle, and we were able to see the Messiah in America performance. The tabernacle was really really loud. Holy cow. they had a huge choir, a full orchestra, and the massive tabernacle organ. I had never been in the tabernacle before, and i was surprised at how small it was on the inside. I think it's because i compare it to the conference center. The whole mission took the trax down there at different times, but on the way back, we all loaded onto one train, and packed 200 missionaries into the train.
Then, on Saturday, we had the baptism for Sarah Schiermeyer at noon, which went smoothly. Her fiance (now husband) baptized her, and then later that afternoon, the bishop married them! They are now preparing to go to the temple. They both worked really hard and sacrificed a lot to make it all happen.

Now here in the area we are working with a few new investigators, but we may or may not see aother baptism here in teh month of june. we'll see


Elder Wright

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