Wednesday, June 29, 2011

There is a prevailing theme that I have never noticed before

Not much new this week. We seem to be finding new people to teach all over the place, but most of them tell us up front that they wont join the church. We teach them a few lessons to see if we can build any desire but some of them just want to shoot the breeze. We are trying to focus our efforts more on our purpose of baptism, but the people we teach are just non-commital.
During my personal studies I have been reading through the Book of Mormon, and I just finished the book of Mosiah. There is a prevailing theme that I have never noticed before. It had to do with the deliverance of the people of Nephi from the Lamanites. The people had to do certain things to recieve freedom. A lot of times we teach people that they need to be free from bondage, whether from addiction, or from lifestyles, financial situations, spiritual deadness, etc... The equation to recvieve that freedom from bondage, is *ahem*
(trust the Lord [FAITH]) + (serve Him with all diligence of mind) + (humble yourself before the lord) + (cry mightily unto Him) + (submit cheerfully and with patience to the will of the Lord) = DELIVERANCE FROM BONDAGE.
 I have been applying this to our area, as it needs to be delivered from it's unfruitfulness. We have been praying recently a lot harder for success, and the people seem to just flow to us. Faith really works.
love you,
Elder Wright

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