Wednesday, June 22, 2011

we've been pulling weeds like crazy


Summer is here. It's getting hot. We've been loaded up with service lately too. Elder Cartwright is turning black from the sun. We helped tear up a kitchen floor the other day, and we've been pulling weeds like crazy. We've also been biking quite a bit for exercise to get elder carwright awake in the mornings. He likes it better than running which is good, but i cant let him coast too much.

As far as the work goes, we had a really good week last week, and we were able to meet with our investigators several times, this week has had cancellation after no-show after cancellation. It's getting old. We push through it though, we try to meet as often as possible, daily, but we seem to just be catching people once a week at best. We are working with an awesome family who just moved in to one of the wards. Their names are stephanie and Justin Bloxham, and they have been really open and good to teach. Stephanie is a member already, but Justin has grown up here in utah, and has been surrounded by members all his life, but he is just now taking steps to be more involved in religion. They've slacked a bit on reading scriptures, but they are taking it more seriously now.


Alma 5:14 have ye received the image of God in your countenances?

elder wright

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