Monday, July 25, 2011

We have been majorly blessed recently with people to teach

hey everyone,

Our success is still picking up. We have been majorly blessed recently with people to teach and we are receiving more member support at our lessons. there is lots of potential here in our area, it just needs to be worked hard, and we cant lose faith. A couple of our investigators are really close to getting married but they are just having trouble taking that first step. We did service for a family, and mowed their lawn in our proslyting clothes.

We went up to Park City last P-Day and took the chair lift up to the mountain. We ran out of time to do more stuff though. it's just too far away. Pioneer day is crazy up here. People wouldnt stop lighting off fireworks last night. It's supposed to continue tonight! wooppie!

anyway, I dont have much else. I have been reading through the war chapters recently in the book of mormon. alma 43ish to 60ish, and it is cool to notice that success comes when the inner vessel is cleansed first. Our inner vessels need to be cleansed first before we are to have success on the outward results. it applies to everyones situations differently, but pure motices and desires bring the greatest success and happiness.

Elder Wright

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