Wednesday, July 13, 2011

our favorite taco stand, IT WAS GONE!! devestating, i know.

hey everyone,
We are chugging right along. Not much new happening. I'm trying not to think about home too much but it's tough. Staying focused is our biggest struggle. and staying awake. The one thing i am looking forward to when i get home is NAPS! i just want to sleep i'm so tired! We have been finding some new investigators recently, some more interested than others. There is a 10 year old boy that was taught in another area that wanted to come to church, but he cant focus for more than 30 minutes before he wants to go skateboarding. Trying to tell him in the middle of church that there wasnt a skate park in the area seemed to destroy his world. We're trying to work on getting his mom to church next. Also we picked up another couple that want to get baptized, but they have to get married first, (he has to get divorced from his ex before that). They are willing and have good support at church.
On monday we decided to go to lunch at our favorite taco stand, but when we got there IT WAS GONE!! devestating, i know. so we went to another one that we had never been to before, and got some tacos. While we were there, a family motioned for us to come and talk to them in their car. They said they had just moved from california, and wanted to join the church. It was amazing! People are prepared. They dont live in our area but the missionaries who are teaching them now say they are on track for baptism. And then, yesterday, we saw our favorite taco stand back in it's original spot. If we would have gone there, we never would have been put in the path of that family. The Lord works in mysterious ways to guide us. even if he has to move taco stands to do it.
I love the Lord
Elder Wright

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