Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hey everyone,
sorry i didnt send an email last week. I ran out of time and not much happened anyway. It was aout 70-80 degrees for a few days, but then we had a three day snow storm to follow it. That was fun. That's about all that happened last week. This week though, we had TWO BAPTISMS! Angelique Talamontez (Jones)(11 years old) was baptized in the morning on saturday, and Nick Thatcher (10 years old) was baptized in the afternoon. They both asked me to perform the baptism, which was a really cool. Angelique's family has all been coming back to church on their own and Angelique told her mom she wanted to be baptized. Nick's family is coming back to the church slowly, and we are working with his parents on the Word of Wisdom. My pants didnt have enough time to dry in between so they were still wet for the second one. woops.
I would send the pictures but the computer isnt working right now so i'll send them next week.
The work has been chugging along here, but now that we've had several baptisms, we are focusing on finding new investigators in our area. It takes a lot of prayer and faith, not to mention lots of work but it comes slowly. I've been trying to read through Jesus the Christ lately, and it has been really really rewarding. My goal is to have it finished by the end of my mission. (i'm about 1/3 through so far)
anyway, got to go get some shopping done,
love you all,
Elder Wright

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