Monday, May 17, 2010

I am quite possibly the worst golfer in the history of golfdom

Hey, I dont have a lot of time but i'll include the good parts of the week,

We tracted this week and we found whole bunches of people. There is some student housing in our area in one of our apartment complexes, and we found 3 people this week that were ready and willing to visit with us. tracting has been so ineffective in the past but holy cow, the Lord prepared so many people for us to find. We also filled up on lessons this week, which was totally out of the blue, we thought we would struggle to get 8 lessons for the week but miraculously we had 7 lessons plan themselves on Sunday alone. One of our investigators even came to church without even being asked. He just showed up! We will probably talk about baptism with him the next time we meet with him.

We also spoke at a couple wards yesterday. We were each planned to speak at different wards along with a high councilor, and so i spoke at our first assignment at 9, but when we arrived at the 1 oclock assignemnt the high counsilor wasnt there, so the bishop asked me to speak again. then as elder collins started his talk the high counsilor walked in, and so elder collins ended his talk early so the other guy could speak. Elder Collins laughed at me afterwards because I spoke the most in the ward that i wasnt even assigned to speak in at all. anywho, it gave us a good laugh.

we're planning on going golfing today. We went last week and I found out i am quite possibly the worst golfer in the history of golfdom. it's fun though, I was consistenly trippling the par. Hopefully today goes better.

Lvoe you all
Elder Wright,

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