Wednesday, October 13, 2010

He's my 5th companion from texas

Hey everyone,
OK so a million things changed and I have almost zero time left for P-day so I'll try to get everything in. 
I was transferred out of daybreak, and now I'm in kearns. It's a BIG change. Not so much leadership support. Lots of crazy people. We've run into a couple already. The people are definitely more humble. We just keep running into less active members and anti-mormon people. My new companion is elder Usevitch. He's my 5th companion from texas. He's really really good. Super obedient and diligent. We are getting up early to go running. It's wearing me out and I feel totally exhausted all the time. I'm also now a zone leader here for the kearns zone. It's not too much new stuff, but it's exciting. Also, One of the people we were teaching in Daybreak got baptized last weekend. I was able to perform the baptism whcih was a really great privelege. He had some pretty big drug problems in his past but he decided he wanted to be baptized and go on a mission! That was super exciting! I'll mention some of the other people we're teaching in my next letter. I'm all out of time. Hope to hear from you soon!
Con Amor,
Elder Wright
P-day is now wednesday so I'll be emailing then.

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