Monday, October 4, 2010

There was this guy snoring right behind us during the whole thing!

We had a pretty awesome week. It really flew by. This whole month flew by. I swear yesterday was august. We have been teaching lots and preparing a lot of our investigators for baptism. We have two this upcoming weekend, and one of them, Jordan Long picked ME to do it! He's been taught by a lot of missionaries in the past and has struggled a LOT with commandments, but he wants really bad to be a better person. I also loved conference this weekend. I'm not so sure elder Huber has a huge appreciation of it yet, but it'll grow over time. I loved all of the talks, and I'm really starting to appreciate the words President Monson gives us every conference. We were able to go downtown for the saturday afternoon session of conference which was super cool. We saw our old mission president, president Laney, as well. There was this guy snoring right behind us during the whole thing! Someone got up and shook him to wake him up, but he was out cold again in 5 minutes. We also ran into a couple prostesters on temple square. They called us 'dead men walking' and 'a big zit.' We sang a hymn at one, and he couldnt scream over all of us. Anywho, it was a real good experience for us to be at conference.

Anyway, Life's good around here. I pray for you always.
Mosiah 5:2

Elder Wright

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