Monday, September 27, 2010

I also had the chance to go to lunch with the mission president

hey everyone,

We had a pretty good week. Some things were a little disappointing. Lexi Reay was planning to get baptized this past saturday, but her mom went into the hospital, so we have to push the baptism back a few weeks. On the flip side we had a really surprising event on tuesday. right after district meeting one of our investigators, Jordan Long,  called us and asked us to come visit him. It was a little odd for him, because he wasnt really interested at all in coming to church, or in reading the scriptures we left him. He had been struggling with some drug problems for a long time before missionaries had met with him, and even while we had been meeting with him. And when we went by after he called he had a total change of heart. He told us he wanted to serve a mission! We told him he needed to get baptized first. Now he's planning to get baptized on the 9th of october. He even got up on Sunday and bore his testimony in front of the whole ward, whithout anybody asking him to. He really started to see where some of his friends that were getting into bad stuff were headed, and where the gospel could take him. He had definitely been humbled a bit, and he was ready for it. What made it even more funny for us, is that he was the last person in the world we expected to call us and tell us he wanted to get baptized, and better yet, go on a mission. People are prepared, or being prepared. Our only responsibility is to find who the Lord has prepared for us.

I also had the chance to go to lunch with the mission president with Elder Pizzey, another district leader in our zone. that was pretty cool. We got to talk about a lot of thigns happening in the mission right now. I went on exchanges with the zone leaders, (they are spanish missionaries)  it was fun. I understand about half of what's going on when they were talking so I wasnt totally lost. I got to talk to Elder Burleson about some things that would help out my district and our zone. Not much else this week. Daybreak is all really young families, a lot of less active part memeber families and unbaptized kids. We have some things coming up here pretty soon that i'm getting excited for.

Love you all,
Elder Wright

1 Nephi 10:19

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