Tuesday, September 21, 2010

we'll have 19 wards to work with. WOOOO!!

Molly Case Baptism

Hey everyone,

We had a pretty good week. We had been able to teach a bunch of our investigators, but none of them came to church this week. That was sad. But other than that, we've been working with all the ward leadership a whole bunch. 2 of our wards will be splitting right after general conference, so, we'll have 19 wards to work with. WOOOO!! I've almost met with all the ward mission leaders and bishops. I was able to go back to Draper for a baptism, for Molly case. Hopefully we have a few more here in the coming weeks in that area. I was able to stop into the Salisbury-Hurst family while I was back there. They're the CRAZY family that we were able to attend the wedding for last month. They need the most help they can get ;) Also, we were able to speak in one of our sacrament meetings yesterday. I am working on perfecting my talks written the morning of. This one ended up being written on two sticky notes. It lasted me abut 10 minutes and I even had to cut a bunch of stuff out. I am getting better at it slowly, but I still dont enjoy it very much... I spoke on bearing testimony and being a good example. Also, they built a new building in one of our stakes, so we were able to attend that and be there for the dedication. Also, part of the south-western part of the valley caught fire yesterday in the herriman area. they evacuated over  1000 homes. It reminded me a lot of all the fires in California a couple years ago.The wind here is pretty bad so that was fueling it pretty good and making everything super smokey.

We are working hard. I have been refocusing my efforts on my studies. I have come to really value the time we are given to study in the morning and and there is so much knowledge to gain. It always seems like 2 hours isnt enough time to get in everything. We are feasting upon the words of christ every day, to treasure up in our minds continually the words of life. (D&C 84:85)

I hope everything is going well at home, I love you all,
Elder Wright

PS The mission president approved board games on Pday so we have been cracking down on some killer bunnies!!!

Greenies biking through Daybreak

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