Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We go to bed every night completely wasted.

Hey everybody,

Not much new this week. It was sorta cold at the beginning of the week but it's definitely warmed up these past two days. (you know you've been in Utah for too long when 40 degrees is considered 'hot') We put several of our investigators on date. They are all in February, so we are looking forward to it. Downside, one of us probably wont be here to see it happen. But we'll see. If I'm transferred I can still come back to the area to see the baptism. We're focusing a lot more on our goals these past couple of weeks which had really been helping us push ourselves. We go to bed every night completely wasted.

Our landlord was out of town this week (thank goodness) but on saturday, the dishwasher kicked on by itself and wouldnt turn off, and then started spewing out water. I'm proud to say I used my handy dandy kitchen knowledge to shut it all down. We think the dishwasher is totally busted but that also means that we have a large pile of dishes in the sink that neither of us want to wash.I'm excited for transfers next week, I need some change around here. Hopefully some news on our visas will come through. Hope everything is well at home.

Hasta la vista

Elder Wright

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