Monday, January 4, 2010

It was good to talk to you all on the phone

Hey it sounds like you guys had a fun christmas break. It was good to talk to you all on the phone. It's cool that you are getting the hang of snowboarding. I'm afraid I really dont have much desire to snowboard anymore. It just hurts too much. Tell Remy he can shovel all of our snow. It's SOOOO much fun I cant even stand it.

My companion says he likes 5 guys a lot more than In-n-Out. I have yet to remind him that he has never been to an In-n-Out before in his life. I'm sure you saw the In-n-Out that just got built in Draper. It's the new 'thing' in the valley. The closest things people have to tourist attractions up here besides temple square. anywho. I sent the shoes home because they're no good for walking and they hurt too much to stand around in. I picked up another pair from Elder Crowder, which should last me a while too. I'm glad you got to know the office staff a little bit. sister warne is awesome. tell remy good luck with the cube.


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