Monday, December 28, 2009

Snail Mail-One of the stake presidents asked if I was staying healthy.

Dear Family,

Hey thanks for all the Christmas gifts adn the love you sent.  I've been wearing the PJ's and the ties.  We really had a good Christmas despite being away from home.  We went out and splurged some of that Christmas money on ties.  I'm sorry to say, I am the owner of 7 new good-looking ties.  I found a SWEET Black-Watch tie at Walmart that I know you would be proud of.  I gained 10 ties this Christmas season, a pretty good haul.  HeHe

I saw the Campbell's today (p-day)(the ones that live in Pacific Hills).  That was wierd.  They took pictures while we were standing outside Ross.  They'll have already gotten those to you, probably.

Jason Pye will be getting baptized REALLY soon.  His family found out he's investigating the church, so nothing's stopping him now.  A couple of other contactS seem like eternigators (they won't accept commitments or don't have permission to be baptized).  We are trying to work with both situations.

We've been walking a lot lately because of the lack of car and I've been exercising in the morning.  I'm not gaining any weight any time soon.  One of our stake presidents asked if I was staying healthy.  I laughed because I've never felt better.

15 minutes left of P-day and I have to go fold my laundry.  Cya.

Love, Elder Wright

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