Monday, December 21, 2009

I hope everyone has a Merrrry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas all!

ok, so uhhh. The temperature is getting a little warmer than last week, but it 
got all foggy and smoggy in the valley so it feels colder. It's wonderful. Also, 
Neither of us were transferred this week. Which is good I guess, because I can 
spend Christmas in an area that I know. downside. They took our car away. Bummer 
to the max. We're getting really good at walking and biking. We also did some 
tracting last week that actually turned up some good prospects for us. We had 
the opportunity to attend the Draper Temple last week, which was really nice. A 
couple of our investigators are getting really close to baptism. Jason Pye is 
determined to read the New Testament before he tells his family it's something 
he wants to do. He should have it all done before the New Year, then we can 
BAPTIZE him in January! score for the win. 
I think we're pretty well taken care 
of for the Holidays. We have several people's houses we're going over for 
Christmas and recent converts to go visit. We're also getting locked up for 
Christmas Eve night and we'll watch some movies or something. maybe play some 
v-ball. We probably will watch UP. score 2 for the win! We're going to try and 
keep teaching lessons this week even though everyone is super busy and probably 
don't want to see us. I've been away from home for over 4 months now!!! I dont 
know where all the time went. Anywho, It's a good week so far. I hope everyone 
has a Merrrry Christmas!!!

Elder Wright

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