Monday, December 7, 2009

The President commanded us to watch TV while we were there.

Hey all,

Not much new to report this week. All the days seem to be meshing together. It
has been spectacularly cold though. I haven't been able to feel my toes all
morning. We walk around with 5 or 6 layers on to keep warm. Work has definitely
slowed down during the holiday season, but we are still trying to keep busy. We
picked up a few new investigators, and we have a couple baptisms coming up in
the coming weeks. Transfers are coming up next week on Wednesday so I may or may
not still be around to see them.

I was asked yesterday to perform a baptism for Cole Carlson this Saturday, but I might let
Elder Swanson do it. He hasnt had a chance to personally baptize anyone during the
6 months he's been out. We'll see though.

Last Wednesday was Elder Swanson's birthday. We got a call from our Assistants
to the President that morning and they asked us if we could come to the hospital
for the morning and watch an elder that had gone through surgery. Elder Swanson
was a little disappointed that he would be spending half of his birthday cooped
up in a hospital room, but that all changed when the assistants told us that
president had commanded us to watch TV while we were there. It was a nice little
birthday present to watch some looney toons.

One of our investigators, Jason Pye, is completely ready to be baptized, but he
comes from a baptist family, and he cant find the courage to tell his family.
It's been a little rough the past couple of weeks for us and for him. He knows
exactly what he needs to do and we as missionaries are trying to keep him
progressing, but we're running out of commitments to give him. We hope he will
take the step soon, and we have been praying for him continually.

Love you all,

Elder Wright

PS Thanks for the Recipe(s) I'll use it soon!

PSS I dont need much for Christmas. maybe just some ties and some nice walking
in-soles (size 10 1/2)

PSSS We have lots of Christmas parties, one of which was Nauvoo themed. PICTURE!

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