Monday, November 30, 2009

All I know how to make is Egg Sandwiches and Fried Rice

Dear Family,

I got the package right after I emailed. Thanks for all the food. Send more cookable food and recipes. I'm starting to cook more, but all I know how to make is egg sandwiches and fried rice. Those are starting to get a little old. Send some recipes for like pasta sauces or something. I know this is weird but I don't have time for snacks throughout the day, but I need some good meals throughout.

Tell Ken I'm so glad he decided to be baptized. It's investigators like him that we love. We also had the same problem at Kinsey's baptism with the water level. It went alright. We're just working now to get the rest of her family active.

If you could send me Glenn's mission address and email address that would be really awesome.

Tell Ricey not to freak out. Driving is awesom but don't DIE! And tell Remster to keep practicing trombone and piano. I practice a little every P-day and I wish I could just play a few hymns.

I spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday and I actually went OVER time. That was weird.

It's also starting to get chilly around here. It's not getting above 50 at all. I'll be sending home a package next week of a bunch of stuff that I won't ever use again on my mission. I keep collecting random stuff and I have to keep my posessions low because I have to fit it all into my suitcases.

Love Elder Mijo

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