Monday, November 9, 2009

I spent mine (Halloween) cooped up.....watching G-rated movies.

Dear Familia,
My email home didn't go through again.  I don't think the email system likes me very much.  I'll try to do my best in a snail mail.  It's sounding like you guys are having a blast with the Halloween Holiday.  Mine wasn't nearly as fun.  I spent mine all cooped up in a Stake Center watching G-rated movies.  And, playing volleyball, that was way worth it.

Tell Remy I want to hear his trombone skills when I get back and I want Ricey to show me how to play tennis.

We had a really good week; we taught a lot of lessons but not so many people showed up to church.  That seems to be our theme here.  One of our new investigators, Jason Pye, is progressing really fast.  He has been going to church for 4 months and has read the whole Book of Mormon.  He just has to get a testimony of Joseph Smith and then he said he would be baptized.  He's going to see the Joseph Smith movie at Temple Square tonight.  One of our other investigators, Kinsey Williams is ready to be baptized on November 17th.  He mom just gave permission for her to get baptized and we're way excited.  

Some other investigators are moving a little slower.  Zach & Colby Pike are some boys whose parents aren't very responsible themselves, so we're struggling to get them to church on a regular basis.  Fortunately, the ward is more than happy to help out whenever possible.  Majerle Morgan is a 12 year-old who has wanted to get baptized for a couple months now, but her dad wants her to wait until she's older.  Her testimony though is A LOT stronger than anyone else her age and stronger than all of the less-active folk that we talk to.  It really amazes me to see so many people admit that they are less-active, but then say they still have a testimony, but do nothing about it.

We also have an investigator, Craig, who is living with his less-active girlfriend.  He said he wanted to be baptized, but he has to move out first or get married.  The only problem is his girlfriend doesn't want to make nay sort of commitment and neither are going to move out.  So,it's just at a dead standstill.  Those are our main investigators right now.  We're hoping to pick up some more this next week, but we'll see.

Elder Crowder was transferred Wednesday.  He's a Zone Leader in Sandy now, which leaves me and Elder Swanson here in Cottonwood.  I think my companion is excited to finally be in a leadership position (senior companion), but I won't let it go to his head.

I'm doing my best and I'm working hard.  I hope everything is going well at home.
Love, Elder Wright
P.S.  I'm totally making fried rice this week!  It's going to be delicious!
P.S.S.  Thanks for the stamps and the cards too! 

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