Monday, November 30, 2009

God works in mysterious ways.


Ok, this week was kinda slow because of turkey day and the BYU-Utah game. We
didn't have many lessons because a whole bunch of our investigators were out of
town, and the rest really didn't want to talk to us anyway. We did find 3 new
investigators this week which was a big bonus for us. All three are 8 years old,
and they should be baptized in a couple months at least.

Our district decided to spice things up on Thanksgiving by having a pie eating
contest throughout the whole day. We had two dinners (bleh) and then we ate as
much pie as possible on top of that whenever we were offered any (BLAH!!). Our
companionship hit 21 pieces by the end of the day. I will never eat another
piece of pumpkin or key lime pie ever again. I wanted to die.

On a more spiritual note, We were going by one of our referrals on Saturday, and
they weren't home, but when we got there a guy drove by and told us to go to his
friends house next door. We went by and talked to him for a little bit and he
said he would be interested in taking the missionary lessons. It was really cool
to see that even though we couldn't get a hold of the person we came for, someone
else was put in our path. God works in mysterious ways. We as a companionship
are working on our faith to find and teach, and we are praying each day for our

I'm enjoying every minute of my mission (besides the pie). I miss you all and I
hope to hear from you soon.

With Love,
Elder Wright

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