Monday, November 2, 2009

We totally exceeded our goal for how many lessons we taught.


I cant seem to keep track of the weeks here. They are just flying by. This week we totally exceeded our goal for how many lessons we taught. It was crazy because they all seemed to pop up at the last minute without warning. We also picked up a new investigator who has been going to church for 4 months and has already read the book of mormon cover to cover. He doesnt want to accept a baptisimal date yet, but he knows he will be baptized sooner or later. He just has to get past some family issues first.

We had some pretty dismal church attendance though. Halloween parties kept people up late so they didnt get up in time for church, and one of investigators sprained her ankle on the way to church. I may or may not be in this area next week because of transfers, but we'll see. Maybe President Laney will have mercy upon me and leave me here so I can actually stay in an area for more than 4 weeks. On the other hand, I do like moving around a lot, because I get to see how other missionaries work and what is effective (and ineffective).

It got really chilly last week, and we were walking around a lot all bundled up in scarves and sweaters. We had missionary lockdown for halloween and we all got put in our zone buildings for the night. Apparently, people dress up as missionaries on halloween and do stupid stuff, so they lock us up so we are all accounted for. We got to watch a few movies, like Monsters vs. Aliens, and Rocketman. For comedy deprived missionaries like us, it was amazing. We also got to play a little bit of volleyball without nets :( and frisbee. It was a nice break for us all.

Thanks for sending the gloves, they are going to good use. Please send pictures of what's going on at home!

Elder Wright

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