Monday, November 23, 2009

The Reward for Obedience is Faith

Hey all,

This week was pretty awesome! We had a baptism on Tuesday for Kinsey Anderson.

She was the first investigator I've had the opportunity to teach from start to finish.
She is really smart and I know that she will stay a strong member of the church. We also had Zone Conference this past weekend and I learned a whole bunch from President Laney. The quote he used was "The reward for Obedience is Faith" We are striving to be be obedient to all the commandments that have been given us as missionaries, and as members of the church. WE must apply a principle, by taking those leaps of faith, before we gain a testimony of the power of obedience. We also had some in-depth discussions about Agency, and how we have the ability to choose right from wrong, and how there must be opposition in all things. We are still working with all of our investigators to get them to church, but some of them seem to be fighting against it. We think one of our investigators, Maryann Hanson, has had some anti-Mormon influence in the past, so she is scared to even step foot inside of a church building. Jason Pye though, is our golden contact right now. I'm sending a few pictures. We found a member with a leg lamp. We couldn't help ourselves from taking pictures. I'm getting along with Elder Swanson alright. I don't think I could take 3 months though. I'm crossing my fingers for next transfer.
Love,Elder Wright!

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