Monday, November 16, 2009

Winter has officially arrived.

Hey everyone,
The work is going as usual around here. On Saturday we decided to walk to save driving miles. We were going about the usual business when, at about 11:30, a blizzard hit us while we were on the opposite side of our area. We continued walking until about 3 inches of snow was on the ground before we were finally able to teach a lesson. Winter has officially arrived. We plan to do lots of snow shoveling for the coming weeks as part of our service. 

We also have a baptism tomorrow for Kinsey Williams. This will be my first baptism that I have seen start to finish, and I'm way excited for it. We also have a 40 day fast going on in both of our stakes right now. One family in each stake takes a day to fast for missionary work, and think about potential investigators for us to teach. Not much has come out of it yet, but we believe our efforts, and the efforts of the members will pay off in the long run. 

We are working our hardest to gain the confidence and support of the members in our area. Other than that, not much to report for this week.
Elder Wright

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