Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm approaching my 6 month mark this week. WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Hey Everyone,
This week was really awesome! We baptized Zach and Colby Pike this Saturday. I had the opportunity to perform my first one too! Elder Swanson baptized Zach and I baptized Colby. Colby is the blond one in the picture. Elder Crowder came back to see it because he helped with them a lot. Hopefully we can get the whole family to come to church every week. We also had a really awesome lesson with Jason Pye. His fellowshipper, Chad Dalton (Elaine S. Dalton's son), is a former MTC teacher, so whenever we teach Jason with him we feel really stupid because he is such an awesome teacher. We committed him to fast this past Sunday for a baptismal date. He didn't feel comfortable setting a date because he knows if he does he will feel outside pressure coming from everyone. So we committed him to set a date for himself and when he feels his own spiritual confirmation that it is right, he would let us know. It's kinda shaky, but it's all we could get out of him. He's a humble guy, but at the same time, he's really smart, so he knows that if he sets a date, there is no going back whether he likes it or not.
As for Super Bowl Sunday. It was not cool. Everyone cancelled their appointments, Jason was the only person that attended church, and nobody even wanted to talk to us. It was worse than Christmas, because at at least on Christmas we could join the parties. Yesterday, all the parties were watching the game so we couldn't really take part in the festivities. It was a very depressing Sunday. On the bright side, we have 3 or 4 baptisms expected this month. We are both really excited for them.
I'm approaching my 6 month mark this week. WOOOOOO!!! for being in Utah 1/4 of my mission. It's good though. I realize I'm called to serve wherever I am.
Love you all,
Elder Wright

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