Monday, February 22, 2010

This Week we need to lay the smackdown


Not much new in Cottonwood. The work picked up a little bit since last week. We seem to be teaching more and more Less-active folks and recent converts. That's really nice and all, but I want some investigators to work with. We are planning on a baptism this Saturday for Bailey VanWagoner. We've been teaching her for about a month now. Her mother is less/non active and has some word of wisdom problems, but we hope that through the baptism we can get her coming back to church again.

We have one investigator that cant seem to make the changes they know they need to in life. Some people just dont have any sense of commitment, and no sense of responsibility. Cant hold an appointment, cant seem to wake up for church. They want to get baptized, they know it's right, but they have this mentality that it wont take any effort on their part to make it happen. This week we need to lay the smackdown on them to get them to make some very needed changes in their life. I feel like I'm ranting.

That's all for this week, I hope all is well at home!!

Elder Wright

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