Monday, March 1, 2010

I've been out in the mission field exactly 6 months!

Hey everybody!

I've been out in the mission field exactly 6 months! bragging rights I know. It's gone by way to fast so far. People still consider me a *greeny* though. That's alright. I'd like to think that it's been a tough 6 months but I think allaround it's a pretty cushy mission. There are members everywhere that help us out and give us rides and give us handouts. We're still working way hard, but without all the help we get from the members I think it would be near impossible. I think one of the things that makes this mission so nice is the fact that we dont do a whole lot of tracting compared to other missions. We work primary off referrals from members. It's not all that uncommon for a member to walk up to us and tell us they have a friend that wants to be baptized. So in that sense, finding people is easy, but there are usually the complications of people not keeping commandments or commitments. Maybe the hardest part for me is waiting for my visa. No news about anything. maybe reassignement? maybe stay? nobody tells us anything. I dont think about it a whole lot but it usually gets brought up from time to time.

 As for this week... We pulled out the bikes again. Elder Swanson really has a loathing hatred for riding bikes and he'll look for any reason to not ride. I enjoy it a lot more than walking because we can get so much more done. also I dont have to listen to Elder Swanson talk for hours and hours about how awesome his life was at home (not really that awesome). Transfers are coming up next week. Something better change around here. If president keeps us both here, he'd have the most twisted sense of humor of anyone I've ever known. we've been together for 5 1/2 months now. It's wearing on me. Anywho, we had an amazingly terrible Thursday. One of our investigators decided to put off their baptism for 3 weeks. Another decided they didnt have to come to church on Sunday, and another decided they didnt want to see us anymore. That was way cool. We pulled through the rest of the week though. We plan to have some really awesome lessons this week and it's already been pretty well booked up. We put Jason Pye on date to be baptized on the 13th of March. He's probably the coolest investigator I've ever taught. He's getting baptized even though his parents are baptist and they dont want him to, and he has the strongest testimony of the Holy Ghost ever. He can really feel the spirit hit him hard every lesson, and he says he wants that gift to be with him all the time. WOOT! we're way stoaked.

Anywho. Life is good. I love my mission. I hope the world isnt falling apart from earthquakes.

Love you all,
Elder Wright

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