Monday, March 22, 2010

Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve!!!! It was amazing

Yo everybody,

Hey this week was spectacularly slow. We are trying to pick back up on the work but some of our investigators are starting to lose some interest. We're re-evaluating our efforts. We also had an amazing experience! This last Friday we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve!!!!! It was amazing. For a couple weeks they told us to study these talks that he had given. One of them was Ask in Fatih, which he gave in a General Conference a couple years ago, and the second was a talk entitled 'Seek Learning by Faith' which he gave at a CES educator fireside in 2006. I strongly suggest that everyone read (study) the second one. It is really enlightening. But anyway, the mission told us to read those talks and study them a coupel weeks ago, and then they told us last week he was coming to talk to our mission! It was awesome. Elder Bednar spoke almost entirely about faith and agency. He was also cracking jokes right and left. Most people wouldnt think it but he's hilarious. It was more of a discussion than a talk. He asked questions and looked for responses. He called it a 'revalatory experience,' not a meeting. He brought out a lot of very good points about the Faith and how we apply it and help our investigators apply their own faith to develop their own testimony. Anyway, it was amzing. I spoke yesterday in a sacrament meeting entirely on his talk learning by faith. It was a good talk, but I couldn't do Elder Bednar's talk justice. Oh well. Read it for yourselves.

Not much else to report. Elder Lundwall is still learning the area and how to talk to people better. I'm still trying to help him in his confidence and making his own decisions. He really comes down hard on himself after we teach lessons and he keeps doubting his ability to teach. I'm trying to help him develop a sense of independence.

Two dinners last night. UGH! downsides of salt lake mission. TOO MUCH FOOD! I guess it's a good problem.

I love you all. dont change too much while I'm gone!

Elder Wright

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Glenn said...

I love reading about your experiences and see you grow. its been fun for me to check your blog every week. Thanks for the updates. We pray for you often.