Monday, March 15, 2010

A lot of changes this week.

HELLO everyone!

 I have lots of news this week. first...

I was permanently reassigned to the Salt Lake City South Mission. It has been dissapointing to know that I wont ever be leaving for the other side of the world, or in fact that I wont be leaving the Salt Lake valley at all. But when I applied to to be a missionary, I did so knowing that it did not matter the people, or the place to where I would be serving. I know the Lord has different purposes for me. I will serve Him and His people wherever I am called.

 Second, we had Transfers!!! Elder Swanson was transfered about 5 minutes south. I am now companions with Elder Lundwall. He's a huge change of pace compared to Elder Swanson. Instead of 5' 6", he's about 6' 6". He's kinda quiet, he has a REALLY deep voice, and he's a little monotone. He doesnt express his emotions much. He's been out about 4 months. His past companions havent been the greatest, so it feels like I'm teaching a new missionary. He says that I'm the first companion he has has companion study with. He's also not too super aware of his surroundings. He has had two bike crashes and been hit by a car in the 5 days that he's been here. He's learning his new area quick though. I'm trying to get him to memorize the streets and the wards and the people here. I'm helping him improve his confidence, which he doesnt have a lot of. He's a good companion though, he wants to work, which is the best thing in a missionary. There are too many lazy missionaries and it is a blessing to have one that can get up on time, that can study, and can work.

 Third, I was made district leader... Wonderful... It's interesting. I dont do a whole lot. The biggest thing, I give trainings (lessons) every tuesday to the 8 other missionaries in my district. I feel like a really young district leader, especially because there are a couple missionaries senior to me in the district. I also go on an exchange with the each companionship once during the Transfer. I take calls at night time to check up on each companionship. It's really humbling to be a leader of missionaries that are all working so hard, and I have to somehow lead them when they are all already going a million miles an hour.

So, A lot of changes this week. I'm trying to deal with them all at once but it's tough. This last week was really slow, party because Elder Lundwall doesnt know our area, so I cant really rely on Elder Swanson like I used to. I thought this last week I felt really lonely through all of this, with nobody to really voice any of my feelings to without scaring Elder Lundwall. I feel I must rely on the Spirit and on the Lord to be able to accomplish the tasks I have been given. I hope to magnify all the aspects of my calling.
I love you all, I hope everything is peachy at home

Elder Wright

we had jason pyes baptism, I almost forgot. He's awesome. When the Zone leader interviewed him, the zone leader was awe struck and said jason would porbably be a general authority. score for the win. the strongest convert I have had the opportunity to teach on my mission so far. he had lots of return missionary friends that helped him a lot.

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