Monday, April 5, 2010

We decided to sacrifice all sweets and music

Hey everyone,
This week was a little jumbled around. It was getting close to 60 degrees at the beginning of the week but then right in the middle it decided cool way down and to dump 3 inches of snow on us. Hopefully it'll warm back up again but it is expected to snow again today. Elder Lundwall also came down with bronchitus, which slowed us down for a couple of days. I spent one day studying the bible dictionary. It's more fun than most give dictionaries credit for. Anywho, we were able to watch general conference at members homes. It was all AMAZING! I think my favorites were the first presidency's messages during the preiesthood session and also the focus on the Ressurrection during the Sunday morning session.

This week we also decided we need to put more people on date to be baptized, because right now not many people are progressing very well. I'm trying to work on our focus and our goals more. We decided to have a personal sacrifice this week so that we would be able to achieve the goals we set. We decided to sacrifice all sweets and music. It was tough getting through all of easter without any chocolate. Every 5 seconds people would offer us dessert or candy or something, but we perservered. We still have most of this week to get through... We'll see if we can make it. Elder Lundwall is having music withdrawals. Not much more to report. Oh, we decided to ride up to the Heughs Canyon ward in one of our stakes on Tuesday. Holy Cow! It's about 2 miles away from anything else in our area, and it's on the mountain side. And at the end it decides to just take off straight up the mountain. We're planning on going again sometime soon when Elder Lundwall is feeling a little better.

All is well,
Love you all,

Elder Wright

Hey pops,
I'm glad the yard is coming along. and that you had an easter egg hunt. good luck planting anything in that square called bedrock. I am doing fine with my reassignement, dont worry TOO much about me. I really do enjoy the work here. Tell cameron and kurt congrats on their calls!


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