Monday, April 19, 2010

A pretty exciting week for us

Hello all!
A pretty exciting week for us. We did a whole bunch of service for the Pike family. We baptized the two boys a long time ago, but they've been struggling to come to church. We helped them weed their garden space that had been overgrown for a few years. We offered to go back next week to help them plant all of their veggies, and we hope we can get all of them to come out to church more frequently. We also went on a few exchanges this week. Elder Bergmann in my district came here and we taught a few lessons. He was really good at using and applying scriptures in the lessons. It motivated me to look for more scriptures to use in teaching situations. Also, The Zone leaders did an exchange with me this week. It was interesting. Elder Ames came here and he taught me a lot about teaching with questions and remaining focused on the goal at hand. This whole week i've been preparing Elder Lundwall to take over the area in case I leave. Transfers are this week, and none of us have any idea what could happen.

Sorry I couldnt write more this week,

Love you all,
Elder Wright

Hey dad,
For sacrificing lunches last week, we could manage eating out/not eating out because my companion sacrificed giving up going out, instead of giving it up altogether. So we would head back to our apartment and I would study for an hour while he ate. Some places still give us discounts. One of our high councilors over missionary work has a son in the helsinki mission and we get stories back from him every once in a while.

I'm glad that some people are finding work at home. Tell Ricey to take care of that beach cruiser. It's my favorite. We had a guy offer to fix up our bikes. When we got them back, he called my bike, 'the bike from hell' because it wouldnt go back together again. He asked if God was punishing me to ride a 'tank' like that. It is half the size of my companions bike, but twice the weight. I love it though. free 50 free. I just need to get some new wheels and tires and the rest will work fine for a couple of years.

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