Monday, April 26, 2010

We only cover 9 wards now in 1 stake, instead of 13 wards in 2 stakes

Hello everybody,

GUESS WHAT!!!! I got transferred! I served for 7 months up in the cottonwood stakes, and now I'm back in the Riverview stake in Draper. It was a really weird switch, especially because I served here for 3 weeks back in september. I remember a whole lot of the area, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot going on here. The mountain point stake that was part of this area before is now part of another area, so we have maybe half as much work as we had before. There are also some investigators that we were working with 7 months ago that are still being taught... I've enjoyed getting to know the area a little better now that I have a few months experience down, and getting to know some of the people a little better. We only cover 9 wards now in 1 stake, instead of 13 wards in 2 stakes, so it's a little easier to manage but at the same time we don't have many contacts. My companion is Elder Collins, who has a track record of not being able to hang onto companions for very long. A lot of people say they cant stand him, and I admit, he's a little quirky, but he's better than some of my past companions. He wants to work as well, and he has about 18 months experience. He's the district leader, so I'm back to being the good old district leader companion again. Our apartment is really cool, our kitchen window has a view of both the jordan river and oquirrah mountain temples. If we didn't live in the basement we could probably see the draper temple from the front of the house. There are 2 other elders living with us as well, but they are looking for a new apartment in their area. They better find one soon because it's way too cramped with 4 of us. We also have a car which makes sundays and mondays much more manageable, but we still ride bikes on other weekdays to save miles.
We did a whole bunch of service on saturday and helped our landlord's son move out to west valley. We also spoke at THREE different sacrament meetings yesterday! Elder Collins likes speaking so it looks like we might be doing that a lot these next 6 weeks. We've been checking with the different auxiliary organizations to get to know the wards a little better lately, and to find out what kind of work is going on in the wards. Some of the members remember me, and I recognize faces, but trying to remember names is impossible.

Nothing much else to report. I dont know what kind of info you guys want so let me know.

Peace and Love,
Elder Wright

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