Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's day everyone

We had a little bit of a slow week. A lot of our appointments fell through and a few of our investigators decided they didnt want to meet with us anymore. Our baptism that we were planning for today was pushed back for a few weeks which was a little dissapointing. I've found that the longer i've been out the more tired I am. getting up in the morning is getting harder and harder. I know that if i'm obedient though the Lord will bless me. There have been a few set backs recently, but I am pushing forward and trying to be diligent. Training a new missionary is also been very tiring, but I know that he will be a good missionary only if i put in my best efforts to help him to be. He is adjusting well to missionary life. He was very excited for the Laker's win this last week. Hopefully now his mind will be a little more focused on the work now that basketball season is over. The other missionaries living in our apartment will be moving out soon so we'll finally have the place to ourselves. It's tough training someone when there are so many other influences around him.

I know this missionary work is the work of the Lord. His eye is always watching for us, even if this is our time to be tested for our patience. If we press forward with enduring faith, he will bless and support us through our trials. Through our obedience and diligence he shows us miracles. I would not be anywhere else right now but serving Him.
With Love,
Elder Wright

hey pops,

Happy Father's Day, I hope it was enjoyable. You got to spend it with the missionaries! thanks for the chocolate souffle recipe. If I have time in the next few days I'll see if I can bake them up. Our oven is a little old/ghetto. It also seems to nuke whatever we put into it so i'll just try to keep an eye on it. The dishes I got are the exact same ones we used to make the souffles in, so we'll see if they come out alright. tell Ricey goodluck on her finals. I'm glad glenn is serving strong on his mission. Are he and julia still a 'thing'? I'll send some pictures when important stuff happens. not much exciting lately. we're teaching a gay investigator. surprisingly he is our most steady person at coming to church. we're giving him a law of chastity talk tonight. it's going to be so much fun! anywho, more in an email in a bit.