Monday, June 14, 2010

He's never been this tired all the time in his life

 We had an pretty exciting week. I dont have much time again but i'lll include the important parts of our week. We taught a whole bunch of lessons and we have been able to put a couple of new investigators on date. A few of them came to church but we are still working on that one. One of our investigators Luna & her boyfriend wants to get married but we found out that their parents want to have a traditional wedding, which wont happen for at least 2 years. NOT COOL! We will keep working with them and help them to build a testimony. Elder Neilson is learning fast how we work as missionaries. He says he's never been this tired all the time in his life. I must agree. I feel a nap coming on later today. Elder Neilson also loves the Lakers, so he's been all distracted by the past few games. I think I got food poisoning last night at this health nut's house. This morning was not fun at all.

I am working to help build obedience and diligence in our district. I'm trying to show my love an concern for them in their missionary lives and to see if I can help them in any way. I still feel really inadequate when it comes to actually being a district leader. I had a great experience with a baptisimal interview the other day, a family of 3. All of them were so prepared and had firm testimonies of Christ. It had taken them years to recieve the answer to the prayers that they were looking for, but it is just testimony to me that answers do come, we just have to be patient.

I think about and pray for you all,

Elder Wrght

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