Monday, June 28, 2010

Our dishwasher exploded because i put too much soap in it

Hey everybody,

Life is pretty good around here. Not too much exciting stuff going on. We had 2 baptisms planned for this last weekend but they both got put off for a couple weeks. It was a little disappointing but we figured they will still happen so we werent too bummed about it. I think we could have been more on top of it, because our investigators baptisimal dates snuck up on us and nobody knew about it. Some of the New investigators that we planned to pick up this week also bailed on our appointments, which was also took its toll on our moral. It's been a trial of our faith definitely, and we are both looking for new ways to pick the work back up in the area. Elder Neilson is learning fast, and he has a great attitude about the work and obedience. The district is also improving slowly, and I'm trying to help every member of our district in different ways, but it's wearing on me, especially when I cant figure out what to do in my own area.

Our dishwasher exploded because i put too much soap in it. woops. we also picked up some sweet stuff at a yard sale:waffle iron... crock pot... batman mask...patrick doll... It was a good week!

Outta time! The church is true!! Live it good. 3 Nephi 27:21

Love Elder Wright

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