Monday, July 5, 2010

study scriptures DAILY! it works!

Merry Independence Day!!!

We had a pretty busy week, considering it was a holiday weekend. People were home, and we picked up 3 new investigators. Keeley Hartin, who is 9. Her family is less-active but she wants to be baptized. Her family just needs to bite the bullet and come to church. the other two were Meagan and Kelsey Robledo Dunn. they also have a less active mother, who wants both of them to be baptized. Our final goal for all of the families is to come to church actively, but there are so few people with that commitment level, especially when it comes to sunday mornings. all 3 of them have baptisimal dates for the 31st of July. Because of the holiday though, we didnt succeed at getting them to church. We have some others that did attend though, and we have one baptism coming up this weekend: Mikayla Mann, who was actually taught here in this area when I was here in September. Our area picked up some even though most of the mission dipped a little bit. For the 3rd of July (The fourth wasnt celebrated at all on Sunday) we had an activity at a church building with a bunch of missionaries. We watched a movie and played some dodgeball, which was awesome to play something besides basketball for a change. Especially when we could get 20 guys in on one game. Our district is doing well, and I'm focusing on helping them develop a love for study time and WORK!

It sounds like everything is going well at home. Take care. study scriptures DAILY! it works!

Elder Wright

hey dad,
I'm glad all the priests in the ward are heading out. Some of the priests up here in Utah struggle a little bit. I feel that's one of the challenges of Utah, is that youth really dont have to fight for their faith, it's just around them all the time. But when push comes to shove, some young men opt out of going on missions. If you pass through draper, stop at in-n-out. it's in my area!! :O I wont be there though, it's too crowded. on your way up, my area is on the leftside of the freeway, right when you pass ikea, all the way to when you pass wal-mart.

We had dinner at the duffins, which was really cool. I never knew him myself, but he knew people around like the chamberlins and the hadas.

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