Monday, July 26, 2010

Anyone can go off the deep end

Hey everyone,

We have been pretty busy this past week, we picked up two new investigators: Judy Keane from california, and Patricia Rivera from Columbia. Judy is catholic, but a lot of her friends have been taking her to church and she is really open about everything we are teaching. We will probably invite her to be baptized during our next meeting. Patricia is married to a member, Jose, who actually was a counselor to a mission president in Columbia, and a bishop and branch president in california, but then stopped coming to church when he moved to utah. It goes to show that anyone can go off the deep end. anyway, Patricia is open to the church and she comes to church pretty regularly with her husband. We have one baptism planned for this coming weekend, Mikayla Mann. She had been taught FOREVER! Hopefully it will go through this time. The lack of communication with the whole family isnt helping the whole situation. I think the ward might be wondering why we cant get anything to happen there. Anywho, I attached some pictures of this last week, we went minigolfing on P-day, we weed-pulled for service. I got to use a machete, which didnt really work very well at all but it was fun. Also, our landlord's dog had puppies and they went out of town so we took care of them this week. They are about 2 or 3 weeks old now. Their eyes just opened yesterday.

We have been striving to have the Spirit with us everywhere we go. It really does come through faith and diligence. We have been praying and studying for the spirit to be with us always, because without it we cannot do anything. D&C 42:14

with love,
Elder Wright


Harbour said...

Awwwww!! Puppies! <3 Rudy looks so happy. I need to send him a letter. I've been a bad friend. :P

the wrights said...

From Rudy,
Reply to Marina's message and tell her she needs to mail me because i dont have her address.