Monday, August 2, 2010

'The Great Green Jello Festival'

yo everyone,

A bunch of stuff happened this week. I'm not sure if i mentioned this already but we have a new mission president, President Miller, who was just called about a month ago. We recieved a bunch of new trainings from the first presidency and quorum of the twelve, which are supposed to help us refocus on Preach my Gospel and helping us invite the spirit into our discussions. All the district leaders and Zone leaders were trained for 4 days straight at the mission office. We spent each morning and afternoon relearning everything, and i feel it will really help our missionary work. The district leaders now have to take all the new information and convey it to the rest of the missionaries. It's been a REALLY LONG week with the meetings, and with everything else going on in our areas and in the district, but I feel really prepared for the coming months.
Our stake also held what they call, 'The Great Green Jello Festival' It's pretty much like our stake's Pioneer Day. But anyway, there was lots of food and lots of green jello, and a lot of people. We decided to set up a missionary table and pass out stuff to the members but not everyone was super interested in our stuff, especially when there was rock climbing and face painting and stuff. To attract more attention we started preaching to everyone. I got up on my soap box and started yelling at everyone. We talked to a whole bunch of people and encouraged all the members to invite their friends to learn more about the church. If anything, we simply got our faces out so people know that we are there to do work. Anyway, It was loads of fun and we received several referrals from it.

The Gospel is true. Live it. Follow the example of Christ 2 Nephi 31:10

Elder Wright

In reply to an email from home regarding a question to how he feels the last year has gone Rudy wrote:

the one year mark thing is kinda odd. I dont feel like i've really been out that long and i dont feel that much more mature or anything, but at the same time, when i look back at who i was when i came out, i see a whole world of difference. Especially when i think about my leadership responsibilities. Leadership is wearing on me. when i was district leader before all the members of the district were experienced and obedient. Now it seems like all the elders in my district are taking steps backward. there are a few that strive to 'be anxiously engaged in a good cause' but there are others who must be 'compelled in all things.' We dont use any negative encouragement to get elders to be obedient, but sometimes i feel so frustrated because that seems like the only thing that will get them to be. It takes a lot of love and patience. everyday is another trial. I wish there was a one fix solution to all of this but of course, it wasnt meant to be easy. anyway, more to come in another email.

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