Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey all,

SOOOOOO, I got TRANSFERRED!! I left draper, and I'm now in the Daybreak area on the west side of the valley. Our area is pretty tiny, and we're on bike again (NO CAR!) it's alright though. If you ignore the hills all over the place and the constant wind, it doesnt take too long to get places. it really does seem like it's uphill both ways sometimes. Some days we have to work pretty hard to go downhill. The Oquirrh Temple is in our area which is really cool, we ride past it every day on our bikes. the area itself is very very organized. it's a pretty large track housing development, so everything looks the same. I'm slowly getting used to the area and finding my way around, but it's so easy to get lost when it's all so similar.

I left the Riverview stake which had 9 wards, and now we have the Daybreak stake, and the Founders Park stake which total 17 wards, so I have a lot more leadership and bishops to catch up with the wards are tiny, sometimes only 2 or 3 blocks. I have two companions again, wooooo! Elder Huber, from Amarillo, Texas, he's pretty quiet, but he has random outbursts at times. Also, Elder Franklin, from Lehi, Utah, He's waiting for his visa to mexico, so, whenever he gets it, we'll probably be back down to 2 missionaries. The two of them have been out for one transfer (6weeks) so I'm still doing that whole training thing. The two of them are like one missionary. They finish eachothers' thoughts and do everything together. I'm also still district leader, which is alright so far. I dont know any of the district members yet but I will soon. I hope the district does well, but in the past the companionships have struggled a bit.

As For the work here, there is a bunch to do. I hope to keep the same pace going that's been here in the past. we had a baptism this past Saturday for Kenzel Estanol. I didnt teach him a whole lot but we plan on helping his dad work towards baptism. I'm also getting to know our investigators slowly. We're working with a lot of children, which I love to teach. We spoke yesterday at a ward as well and i was given the lovely subject of the Gathering of Israel... I did alright for a talk written the morning of... (I still dont like speaking in church and i put off writing it until the last minute)

Anywho, that's all i have for this week, I love you all, keep the faith, always be an example of the believers 1 timothy 4:12

Elder Wright

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